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Pardon My Sarong (1942)

aka Pardon My Sarong

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 84 mins · English


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Small Algernon 'Algy' Shaw
Small Wellington Pflug, aka Moola


No_movie_poster Arthur Hilton Editing
No_movie_poster Erle C. Kenton Director
No_movie_poster Nat Perrin Writer


Tommy Layton (Robert Paige), a wealthy bachelor, rents a city bus to take him from Chicago to Los Angeles. Once there he intends to participate in a yacht race to Hawaii. The bus drivers, Algy (Bud Abbott) and Wellington (Lou Costello), are chased by a detective (William Demarest) hired by the bus company. They escape capture by driving the bus off a fishing pier. Layton, who is now on his yacht, rescues them and hires them as his crew for the race. A competitor of his in the race, Joan Marshall (Virginia Bruce) has fired his original crew without his knowledge. He enacts revenge by kidnapping her and taking her along on the race.

While on course to Hawaii, they encounter a hurricane and land on an uncharted island, which is also the home of Dr. Varnoff (Lionel Atwill), a mysterious scientist. The island natives mistake Wellington as a legendary hero and inform him that he must marry Princess Luana (Nan Wynn). Meanwhile, Varnoff's plan is to cause a volcano to erupt in order to trick the tribe into giving him their sacred jewel. The natives send Wellington (and the jewel) to the volcano to defeat the evil spirit of the volcano. Varnoff chases him to the volcano, where they are defeated by Wellington and Algy.