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Peter Ibbetson (1935)

aka Peter Ibbetson

Directed By: 
Written By:  Writer details not available
Details: 88 mins · English


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Small Peter Ibbetson
Small Mary, Duchess of Towers
No_movie_poster The Duke of Towers
Small Agnes
Small Col. Forsythe
No_movie_poster Mimsey (Mary, age 6)
Small Gogo (Peter, age 8)


Small Henry Hathaway Director
No_movie_poster Stuart Heisler Editing


Gogo is a young boy of English extraction growing up in Paris. He is friendly with the neighbor girl, Mimsey. After his mother dies, Gogo is taken to England by his uncle who gives him an English name based on his mother's maiden name, transforming Gogo into Peter Ibbetson.

"So ended the first chapter in the strange foreshadowed life of Peter Ibbetson."

Now an adult Englishman, Ibbetson (Gary Cooper) is an architect working in Yorkshire on a restoration job for the British Duke of Towers (John Halliday). He falls in love with Mary, Duchess of Towers (Ann Harding), and she with him, although she is already married. When the duke discovers this, he callously demands they explain themselves. Peter then realizes that Mary is his childhood sweetheart. All these years, Mary has kept, in the dresser beside her bed, the dress she wore at their last childhood meeting.

The Duke becomes jealous and pulls a gun on Ibbetson. Ibbetson manages to kill the Duke in self-defense.

"So Death ended the second chapter. And then, in a prison on the bleak English moors..."

Ibbetson is unjustly convicted of murder, sentenced to life in prison, and despairs that he will never see Mary again. However, the lovers are reunited in one another's dreams, which connect them spiritually. Peter can leave prison to join Mary in sunlit glades and meadows, but only in his slumbers.

"...and so, many years went by."

Though the years pass, Peter and Mary remain youthful in their dreams. Mary eventually dies of old age, but she goes to her usual dream rendezvous one last time and speaks to Peter from beyond. Then Peter joins her there.