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Pineapple Express (2008)

aka Pineapple Express

"Put this in your pipe and smoke it."

Directed By: 
Details: 111 mins · English, Korean, Cantonese · R (USA)


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Small Dale Denton
Small Saul Silver
Small Red
Small Ted Jones
Small Carol
Small Angie Anderson
Small Ack
No_movie_poster Cheung
No_movie_poster Carrie Longwood
Small Budlofsky
Small Matheson
Small Robert
Small Shannon
Small Mr. Edwards
No_movie_poster Clark
Small Police Liaison Officer
Small Private Miller
Small General Bratt
Small Bobby
Small Ken


No_movie_poster Billy Hopkins Casting
No_movie_poster Kerry Barden Casting
No_movie_poster Graeme Revell Music
No_movie_poster Craig Alpert Editor
Small Seth Rogen Screenplay
Small Judd Apatow Produzent
No_movie_poster Shauna Robertson Produzent
No_movie_poster Chris L. Spellman Set Decoration
No_movie_poster John A. Dunn Costume Design
No_movie_poster Evan Goldberg Screenplay
Small David Gordon Green Director
No_movie_poster Tim Orr Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Suzanne Smith Casting
Small Seth Rogen Story Contributor
Small Judd Apatow Story Contributor
No_movie_poster Evan Goldberg Story Contributor


"Put this in your pipe and smoke it."


Dale Denton (Seth Rogen) is a 25-year-old process server and habitual pot smoker who drives around smoking weed and serving subpoenas. He makes a visit to his high-school girlfriend of 3 months, and goes to the home of his drug dealer, Saul Silver (James Franco), to buy weed. There he hears that Saul may already know the identity of his next service, Ted Jones (Gary Cole). Dale drives to Ted's house and sees a cop, Officer Carol Brazier (Rosie Perez), with her gun drawn entering the house. She goes to the top floor where Ted is waiting and then she and Ted shoot an Asian man to death, which Dale witnesses. Dale panics and leaves his roach at the scene containing a rare strain of marijuana called Pineapple Express. Ted subsequently identifies Dale's roach as the strain that he had sold to only one dealer. Ted sends his two henchmen, Budlofsky and Matheson (Kevin Corrigan and Craig Robinson) to the dealer, Red (Danny McBride), who discloses that he has only sold the pot to Dale's dealer, Saul Silver.

Dale flees to Saul's apartment in a panic and explains what happened. After a brief conversation, Dale learns that Ted is a dangerous drug lord, and realizes he could trace the roach back to Saul. Dale and Saul flee into the nearby woods, while Ted's henchmen persuade Red to arrange a meeting between Saul and Red, but fails because Dale and Saul spend the night in the woods. Both dispose of their cell phones out of fear that they could be triangulated by Brazier. During the night they accidentally fall asleep in Dale's car with the radio on, and 18 hours later they awake to find they missed their meeting with Red. After which they get high and do playful activities together and seemingly become friends. They leave the woods and arrive at Red's house, hoping that talking with Red in person will help them determine whether Ted has linked them with him, and therefore whether he is in pursuit. Instead, Dale decides that Red is lying, and will reveal their whereabouts to Ted. Dale, Saul, and Red proceed to fight each other. Red gets knocked out and when he awakes the two question him and find out that Ted has discovered who they are and is looking for them. In addition, he means to kill them and Red if he does not help him capture them. Convinced that Ted's henchmen are pursuing them, Dale and Saul decide that they must leave the city. Dale visits his girlfriend, Angie (Amber Heard) at her house to warn her and her parents (Nora Dunn and Ed Begley, Jr.), but Angie's father doesn't believe Dale. He becomes enraged, correctly suspecting Dale is high, and tries to scare him out of his house with a gun. Ted's henchmen pursue Dale and Saul to Angie's house, and Angie and her parents go into hiding. Meanwhile, Ted is at his house naming strains of weed and setting prices with another henchman. He and Brazier are discussing Denton and she believes he is connected to a rival gang of Asians. They call Cheung, the leader of the gang, tell him they killed a member of his gang the previous night, and threaten to kill him too. From his enraged ramblings, Cheung believes Ted is weak and plans to kill him first. To leave town, Dale and Saul sell some of Saul's Pineapple Express to raise bus fare. However, a police officer witnesses Dale smoking a joint and arrests him for selling marijuana to middle school kids. Dale is able to convince the arresting officer that Officer Brazier is corrupt, and she says that she can help. Saul then leaps out in front of the car while the officer is writing down his story, and accidentally hits him. When she stops and gets out to investigate, Saul hijacks the squad car and drives away. Officer Brazier hears a police radio call of Dale's arrest and pursues Dale and Saul in a high speed chase, but Dale and Saul successfully evade her.

Dale and Saul argue with each other about the mess they have found themselves in, resulting in Dale telling Saul that they are not friends and never were. Dale and Saul go their separate ways, angry and upset. Brazier goes back to Ted and they vow to kill Dale and Saul and the Asian gang. Dale calls his girlfriend Angie, they reveal their secret thoughts of each other, and say they should break up. Saul visits his grandmother in an assisted living home and finds Ted's henchmen, who kidnap him and hold him hostage in Ted's lair, a barn built above an underground silo. Dale enlists Red to help him to rescue Saul from Ted and Officer Brazier, but Red unexpectedly backs out at the last minute and Dale is captured. While Dale and Saul are held hostage, they reconcile with each other and make plans to escape. Meanwhile, the Asian drug gang attacks the barn to avenge a member's death at the hands of Ted and Officer Brazier, the same murder that Dale had witnessed. Dale and Saul finally free themselves, but are caught by Matheson. Matheson grazes Dale in the ear with a gunshot, but is disarmed and shot by Saul. Dale and Saul carry on and join the fight, but are separated after Ted intervenes. Dale and Ted endure a brawl that results in Ted's death when one of the Asians (Ken Jeong) sets off a bomb that sets fire to the barn. Meanwhile, Matheson kills Budlofsky for refusing to kill Saul when he had the chance. Before Matheson can kill Saul, Red breaks through the wall with his car, running over Matheson and kills him. While Saul thanks Red, Officer Brazier reaches for a gun and shoots Red, which seemingly kills him. The bomb goes off, exploding under Red's car and launching it into the air. In flames, it falls on top of Officer Brazier and finally kills her. Dale carries Saul out of the burning barn. Just as Saul awakens, Red crawls from the wreckage of the barn. The film ends with Dale, Saul, and Red at a diner eating breakfast and celebrating their friendship as Saul's grandmother picks them up and takes them to the hospital for treatment.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 2008-10-10 : Mexico

Theatrical : 2008-10-10 : Poland

Theatrical : 2008-10-15 : Philippines

Theatrical : 2008-10-16 : New Zealand

Theatrical : 2008-10-17 : Lithuania

Theatrical : 2008-10-23 : Germany

Theatrical : 2008-10-23 : Hungary

Theatrical : 2008-11-14 : Sweden

Theatrical : 2008-11-19 : Belgium

Theatrical : 2008-11-28 : Denmark

Theatrical : 2008-11-28 : Italy

Theatrical : 2008-12-03 : France

Theatrical : 2008-12-04 : Russia

Theatrical : 2008-12-05 : Spain

Theatrical : 2008-12-12 : Venezuela

Theatrical : 2008-08-06 : United States of America

Theatrical : 2008-08-06 : Canada

Theatrical : 2008-08-07 : Australia

Theatrical : 2008-08-08 : Canada

Theatrical : 2008-09-12 : Ireland

Theatrical : 2008-09-12 : United Kingdom

Theatrical : 2008-09-19 : Iceland

Theatrical : 2008-09-19 : Norway

Theatrical : 2008-09-19 : Turkey

Theatrical : 2008-09-25 : Peru

Theatrical : 2008-10-03 : Estonia

Theatrical : 2008-10-09 : Portugal

DVD : 2009-02-17 : Argentina

DVD : 2009-02-18 : Brazil

DVD : 2009-02-25 : Japan

DVD : 2009-03-11 : Finland

DVD : 2009-04-14 : Netherlands

2010-04-22 : United States of America

2012-09-21 : Spain

2008-09-26 : Brazil

2008-09-26 : Greece