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Pirates of Treasure Island (2006)

aka Pirates of Treasure Island

Directed By: 
Details: 85 mins · English · PG-13 (USA)


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Small Long John Silver
No_movie_poster Jim Hawkins
No_movie_poster Anne Bonney
No_movie_poster Wilkins
No_movie_poster Dr. Livesley
No_movie_poster Billy Bones
No_movie_poster Jack Falcon
No_movie_poster Captain Alexander Smollett
No_movie_poster Squire Trelawny


No_movie_poster Leigh Scott Director
No_movie_poster David Michael Latt Screenplay
No_movie_poster Carlos De Los Rios Writer
No_movie_poster Sherri Strain Production
No_movie_poster David Michael Latt Production
No_movie_poster Leigh Scott Other
No_movie_poster Leigh Scott Story Contributor
Small Robert Louis Stevenson Story Contributor
No_movie_poster David Michael Latt Story Contributor
No_movie_poster David Michael Latt Editing
No_movie_poster Leigh Scott Editing


The story opens on Skeleton Island, an uncharted island somewhere in the Falkland Islands chain, where Long John Silver (Lance Henriksen) and Billy Bones (Justin Jones) have staged a successful mutiny against Captain Flint (Chriss Anglin). The group is attacked by gigantic insects, and retreats back to the ship. In the chaos, Long John has one of his legs torn off by a giant beetle.

In the United States in 1782, Jim Hawkins (Tom Nagel) is the owner of the Admiral Benbow Inn, but has grown tired of a life of monotony and seeks adventure. One of his customers, Billy Bones, dies in his inn and leaves Jim a treasure map showing the way to a treasure buried on Skeleton Island.

After gaining the help of Dr. Livesey (Jeff Denton), Jim and Livesey recruit French mariner Captain Smollete (James Ferris), the captain of the schooner Hispaniola, to sail out to Skeleton Island, under the pretence of going to collect specimens of local wildlife. Jim and Livesey recruit Long John Silver, now using the alias of Barbecue, to act as ship's cook, with Long John providing the rest of the ship's crew.

As the Hispanola makes its way to the island, Hawkins unintentionally discovers Long John's true intentions: to steal the map and to hijack the Hispaniola on behalf of his own band of pirates, whom make up the ship's crew. Long John plans to stage a mutiny upon arriving at Skeleton Island, and to kill the captain, Hawkins and Dr. Livesey so that all of the treasure will belong to the pirates. However, Hawkins is discovered, along with Anne Bonny (Rebekah Kochan), who had followed Jim from the inn, and gives him protection from Long John.

On reaching Skeleton Island, the Hispanola is hijacked by Silver, with Smollette, Livesey and an American government official on the voyage kept prisoner on the ship whilst the others go ashore. With the help of marooned mariner Ben Gunn (Leigh Scott), Jim and Anne Bonney escape, and race to beat Long John and the pirates to the treasure.