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Pitfall (1948)

aka Pitfall

Directed By: 
Details: 86 mins · English


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Small John Forbes
Small Mona Stevens
Small Sue Forbes
Small J.B. MacDonald
Small District Attorney
Small Bill Smiley
Small Tommy Forbes
Small Maggie
Small Ed Brawley
No_movie_poster Terry
No_movie_poster Desk Sergeant


No_movie_poster Harry J. Wild Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Walter Thompson Editor
No_movie_poster William Bowers Writer
Small André De Toth Director
No_movie_poster Jay Dratler Novel
No_movie_poster Karl Kamb Writer
No_movie_poster Samuel Bischoff Producer
Small André De Toth Writer
No_movie_poster Jay Dratler Story Contributor


This noir, set in Los Angeles, tells the story of John Forbes (Powell), a bored man working for an insurance company. The middle-class husband and father craves excitement in his day-to-day life. He gets his wish when he begins investigating an embezzlement case and meets Mona Stevens (Scott), who works for a department store.

Forbes is tasked with getting hold of some expensive gifts given to Stevens, the girlfriend of an embezzler who's serving time in prison. He ends up spending the day with the sultry blond on her speedboat, appropriately named "Tempest," and a romance begins brewing. His wife Sue (Wyatt) has no idea he's been unfaithful.

MacDonald (Burr), a private detective working for the insurance company, has become obsessed with Stevens and won't take no for an answer. He stalks her and beats up Forbes. When she goes to see how he is, Stevens finds out that Forbes is a married man.

As the day of her jailbird boyfriend Smiley's release from prison approaches, Mona fears for her safety and Forbes longs for the days before he got involved in all this trouble. MacDonald responds to a beating from Forbes by telling the jealous Smiley about him. Smiley goes to Forbes' house with a gun and is killed by Forbes, who lets the police believe he was a prowler.

MacDonald feels he has eliminated the competition and expects Mona to go away with him. She shoots him instead. While she is placed under arrest, Forbes gives a full confession, first to his wife, then to the district attorney. He is given a second chance by Sue, who isn't sure their marriage will ever be the same.