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Portrait in Black (1960)

aka Portrait in Black

"They touched...and an evil spark was struck!"

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Details: 112 mins · English


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Small Sheila Cabot
Small Dr. David Rivera
Small Howard Mason
Small Cathy Cabot
Small Blake Richards
Small Cobb
Small Miss Lee
Small Tawny
No_movie_poster Peter Cabot
Small Matthew S. Cabot
No_movie_poster Chinese dancer
No_movie_poster Dr. Kessler
No_movie_poster Minister
No_movie_poster Foreman
No_movie_poster Detective lieutenant


No_movie_poster Milton Carruth Editor
No_movie_poster Russell Metty Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Frank Skinner Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Ross Hunter Producer
No_movie_poster Ivan Goff Theatre Play
No_movie_poster Ben Roberts Theatre Play
Small Michael Gordon Director
No_movie_poster David Lowell Rich Director


"They touched...and an evil spark was struck!"


Sheila Cabot (Lana Turner) becomes increasingly disturbed as she cares for her ailing, disagreeable husband (Lloyd Nolan). Along the way, she falls in love with Dr. David Rivera (Anthony Quinn), who is tending her husband. This leads to a series of unfortunate events, resulting in the death of the husband and an ensuing murder investigation.