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Private Parts (1997)

aka Private Parts

"He turned on everyone who tuned in!"

Directed By: 
Details: 109 mins · English · R (USA)


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Small Howard Stern
Small Alison Stern
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Small Kenny 'Pig Vomit' Rushton
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Small Howard's Daughter
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No_movie_poster Celia D. Costas Producer
No_movie_poster Walt Lloyd Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Peter Teschner Editor
Small Betty Thomas Director
No_movie_poster Len Blum Screenplay
No_movie_poster Daniel Goldberg Producer
No_movie_poster Joe Medjuck Producer
No_movie_poster Michael Kalesniko Screenplay
Small Howard Stern Screenplay
No_movie_poster Van Dyke Parks Music
Small Ivan Reitman Production
Small Howard Stern Story Contributor
No_movie_poster Peter Teschner Editing


"He turned on everyone who tuned in!"


Howard Stern boards a flight home following an appearance at the MTV Music Video Awards as his alter-ego, "Fartman". He finds himself seated next to Gloria (Carol Alt), who is visibly repulsed by him. He begins to tell his life story in his mind from his childhood, explaining the verbal abuse he received from his father Ben (Richard Portnow). Stern dreams of being on the radio after going to work with his father, a recording engineer, and grows up to be a quiet, socially awkward teenager. He then studies communications at Boston University, where he becomes a disc jockey at WTBU, the college radio station. He meets and becomes close to Alison (Mary McCormack), the girl of his dreams before graduating. It is 1977, and Howard works at WRNW in Briarcliff Manor, New York. He gets promoted to program director, where his increase in salary allows him to marry Alison. After being forced to fire a fellow DJ, he quits the station.

In 1979, Howard leaves WRNW for WCCC in Hartford, Connecticut. He befriends fellow DJ Fred Norris and adopts a more casual attitude on the air by becoming honest and upfront. The two are soon invited to a red carpet premiere of actress Brittany Fairchild's (Melanie Good) new film. The three leave during the screening for Fairchild's hotel room, where she strips for a bath, but Howard leaves in regret before things turn sexual. Alison finds his wet underwear in their car and leaves him after finding out what happened. It is now 1980, and Howard leaves Hartford for a job at WWWW in Detroit, Michigan. Howard becomes miserable without Alison, who eventually comes back, willing to forget about the incident with Fairchild. Meanwhile, WWWW switches formats from rock to country music to increase ratings, and Howard quits thereafter. He is then hired at WWDC in Washington, D.C., where he meets Robin Quivers, the news anchor for his program, whom Howard encourages to talk and contribute on air. The two refuse orders from their boss Dee Dee (Allison Janney) for constantly breaking format. One of their antics, in which Howard gives a female caller in an orgasm on the air, almost gets him fired until a boost in ratings forces Dee Dee to keep Howard. Fred is then hired to contribute. Meanwhile, Alison announces her pregnancy, but it ends in miscarriage. Although they cheer each other up by making light of it, Howard makes light of it on the air, which upsets her greatly.

With Alison pregnant again, Howard, Fred and Robin move to WNBC in New York City, where he earns more money and have the chance to make his show become a nationwide success. Upper management at NBC's flagship station offered him a 3 year, $450,000 closed-end contract, not realizing what Stern's show was like until they saw a news report on the subject. Kenny "Pig Vomit" Rushton (Paul Giamatti) takes on the job of keeping Howard in line, or forcing him to quit, as the latter is the only way out of their contract. After ignoring Kenny's orders of two-minute bits without swearing and sexual references on air, Kenny retaliates by firing Robin. The show fails in her absence after Quiver's replacement is hired, who quits after a few days after an actress swallowing a kielbasa gets put on the air. Robin is eventually brought back. Howard's antics continue, with Kenny ultimately cutting a broadcast off for having Mandy (Jenna Jameson), a woman who becomes the first woman to strip naked on the radio. Howard gets the show back on the air, and broadcasts he and Kenny getting into a physical altercation with each other in his office. In May 1985, when the new ratings come in and Howard becomes number one, Kenny comes over to Howard's home trying to suck up to him, and is turned down flat. He thanks the fans with a concert by AC/DC. During the performance, Alison is rushed to hospital and gives birth to a baby daughter.

Back on the flight, it is revealed he told his whole story to Gloria, and Howard now believes he could get her, but stays loyal to Alison. He gets off the plane revealing Alison and his three daughters running to greet him. During the end credits, Stuttering John (John Melendez) rants about his absence in the film. Mia Farrow then presents a best actor award for Howard at an Oscars ceremony. He appears as Fartman once again, with Howard falling in mid-air, which the audience applaud for. Next is a clip of Kenny, who no longer works for WNBC and is now the manager of a shopping mall. He then blames Howard for his downfall. During his outbursts, his foul language is blocked out by jackhammer noises.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 1997-03-07 : United States of America

DVD : 1998-12-15