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PS, I Love You (2007)

aka PS, I Love You

"His life ended. Now, a new one will begin."

Directed By: 
Details: 126 mins · English · PG-13 (USA)


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Love the book, and the movie is almost as good. Again the parts were really well cast, and while they obviously changed some things quite a bit (some I understand, others not so much), they kept the atmosphere intact, and to me, that's the important thing. After finishing it, I went straight home and started reading the book ;)

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After having been to Dublin and hearing "Galway girl" I just had to go home at see this again. It is a great movie with a great blend of funny, serious and romantic.

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Small Gerry
Small Denise Hennessey
Small Daniel
Small Sharon
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No_movie_poster Wendy Finerman Producer
No_movie_poster Richard LaGravenese Director
No_movie_poster David Moritz Editor
No_movie_poster Shepherd Frankel Production Design
No_movie_poster John Powell Music
No_movie_poster Steven Rogers Screenplay
No_movie_poster Cecelia Ahern Novel
No_movie_poster Broderick Johnson Producer
No_movie_poster Andrew A. Kosove Producer
No_movie_poster Molly Smith Producer
No_movie_poster John H. Starke Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Lisa Zupan Executive Producer
No_movie_poster James Hollond Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Donald A. Starr Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Daniel J.B. Taylor Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Terry Stacey Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Cindy Evans Costume Design
No_movie_poster Richard LaGravenese Other
No_movie_poster Cecelia Ahern Story Contributor


"His life ended. Now, a new one will begin."

"Sometimes there's only one thing left to say."


Holly and Gerry are a married couple who live on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. They are deeply in love, but they fight occasionally. Gerry suddenly dies of a brain tumor and Holly realizes how much he means to her as well as how insignificant their arguments were.

Deeply distraught, Holly withdraws from her family and friends until they descend upon her on her 30th birthday. They are determined to prod the young widow to face the future and explore what her life choices should be. As they rally around Holly and help organize her apartment, a cake is delivered, and with it is a message from Gerry. It proves to be the first of several meaningful messages — all ending with "P.S. I Love You" — which he had arranged to have delivered to her after his death. As the seasons pass, each new message fills her with encouragement and sends her on a new adventure. Holly's mother believes that Gerry's letters are keeping Holly tied to the past. But they are, in fact, pushing her into the future. With Gerry's words as her guide, Holly slowly embarks on a journey of rediscovery.

Gerry arranged for Holly and her friends Denise and Sharon to travel to his homeland of Ireland. While there, they meet William, a singer who strongly reminds Holly of her deceased husband. He then dedicates a song to her but on hearing it, she leaves the place because it was Gerry's song for her. During the vacation, while on a fishing trip the three ladies get stuck in the middle of a lake without any oars to row their boat with. At that moment, Denise announces she's engaged and Sharon reveals that she is pregnant. This news causes Holly to relapse emotionally and again withdraw into herself. They are eventually rescued by William and he decides to spend the night with them. That night, William and Holly get involved physically and Holly tells him about Gerry's family when William reveals he is actually Gerry's childhood friend. This causes Holly to freak out, but William calms her down and starts to tell stories about his and Gerry's childhood. The next day, Holly visits Gerry's parents and while there, she also receives a letter from Gerry reminding her of their first meeting.

Holly eventually enrolls in a fashion course and discovers that she has a flair for designing women's shoes. A new found self-confidence allows her to emerge from her solitude and embrace her friends' happiness. While on a walk with her mother, she learns that her mother was the one whom Gerry asked to deliver his letters after his death. She takes her mother on a trip to Ireland and, as the film ends, it appears that Holly has opened herself up to the journey that the rest of her life will be, and wherever it takes her; she finally abandons her fear of falling in love again.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 2007-12-20 : Czech Republic

Theatrical : 2007-12-20 : Hungary

Theatrical : 2007-12-20 : Netherlands

Theatrical : 2007-12-21 : Ireland

Theatrical : 2007-12-21 : United States of America

Theatrical : 2007-12-26 : Australia

Theatrical : 2008-01-03 : South Korea

Theatrical : 2008-01-04 : Brazil

Theatrical : 2008-01-04 : United Kingdom

Theatrical : 2008-01-10 : Greece

Theatrical : 2008-01-17 : Germany

Theatrical : 2008-01-17 : Switzerland

Theatrical : 2008-01-18 : Austria

Theatrical : 2008-01-18 : Estonia

Theatrical : 2008-01-23 : Philippines

Theatrical : 2008-01-25 : Latvia

Theatrical : 2008-02-01 : Italy

Theatrical : 2008-02-06 : Belgium

Theatrical : 2008-02-06 : France

Theatrical : 2008-02-06 : Indonesia

Theatrical : 2008-02-06 : Switzerland

Theatrical : 2008-02-06 : Taiwan

Theatrical : 2008-02-08 : Iceland

Theatrical : 2008-02-14 : Croatia

Theatrical : 2008-02-14 : Hong Kong

Theatrical : 2008-02-14 : Panama

Theatrical : 2008-02-14 : Poland

Theatrical : 2008-02-14 : Portugal

Theatrical : 2008-02-14 : Russia

Theatrical : 2008-02-14 : Singapore

Theatrical : 2008-02-14 : Slovakia

Theatrical : 2008-02-14 : Thailand

Theatrical : 2008-02-15 : Sweden

Theatrical : 2008-02-15 : Turkey

Theatrical : 2008-02-28 : Argentina

Theatrical : 2008-02-29 : Mexico

Theatrical : 2008-03-05 : Egypt

Theatrical : 2008-03-06 : Israel

Theatrical : 2008-03-11 : Finland

Theatrical : 2008-04-04 : Finland

Theatrical : 2008-04-04 : Norway

Theatrical : 2008-04-11 : Denmark

Theatrical : 2008-04-25 : Colombia

Theatrical : 2008-07-11 : Spain

Theatrical : 2008-10-18 : Japan

DVD : 2008-05-07

DVD : 2008-05-06