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Random Hearts (1999)

aka Random Hearts

"In a perfect world...they never would have met."

Directed By: 
Details: 133 mins · English · R (USA)


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Small Dutch Van Den Broeck
Small Kay Chandler
Small Alcee
Small Wendy Judd
Small Detective George Beaufort
Small Carl Broman
Small Jessica Chandler
Small Nea
Small Truman Trainor
Small Dick Montoya
Small Cullen Chandler
Small Richard Judd
No_movie_poster Phyllis Bonaparte
Small Electronics Store Salesman
Small Janice
Small Peyton Van Den Broeck


No_movie_poster Philippe Rousselot Director of Photography
Small Sydney Pollack Director
No_movie_poster William Steinkamp Editor
No_movie_poster Warren Adler Novel
No_movie_poster Ronald L. Schwary Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Kurt Luedtke Screenplay
No_movie_poster Dave Grusin Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Darryl Ponicsan Adaptation
No_movie_poster Marykay Powell Producer
Small Sydney Pollack Production
No_movie_poster Warren Adler Story Contributor
No_movie_poster William Steinkamp Editing


"In a perfect world...they never would have met."


The film adaptation loosely follows the story of the novel but many of the characters have been changed. Edward Davis is now Sergeant William 'Dutch' Van Den Broeck, a Washington, D.C. police officer. Vivien Simpson is now Kay Chandler, a wealthy Republican Congresswoman with a teenage daughter. They meet when their spouses, Peyton and Cullen, are killed in a plane crash and realize that they were having an affair. The story evolves around the relationship between the two surviving spouses, as the tragedy envelopes their lives and affects his career as a police officer and her campaign for re-election to Congress.

Release Dates:

DVD : 2000-02-29

DVD : 2010-12-07

DVD : 2001-10-30