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Red-Headed Woman (1932)

aka Red-Headed Woman

Directed By: 
Details: 79 mins · English, French


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Small Lillian 'Lil' / 'Red' Andrews Legendre
Small William 'Bill' / 'Willie' Legendre Jr.
Small William 'Will' Legendre Sr.
Small Irene 'Rene' Legendre
Small Sally
Small Charles B. 'Charlie'
Small Aunt Jane
Small Albert
No_movie_poster Uncle Fred


Small Anita Loos Author
Small Jack Conway Director
No_movie_poster Paul Bern Producer
No_movie_poster F. Scott Fitzgerald Writer
No_movie_poster Blanche Sewell Editing


Lilian 'Lil' Andrews (Harlow wearing a red wig) is a young woman who will do anything to improve herself. She seduces her wealthy boss William 'Bill' Legendre Jr. (Chester Morris) and cleverly breaks up his marriage with his loving wife Irene (Leila Hyams). Irene reconsiders and tries to reconcile with Bill, only to find he has married Lil that day.

However, Lil finds herself shunned by high society, including Bill's father, Will Legendre Sr. (Lewis Stone), because of her lower class origins and homewrecking. When Charles B. Gaerste (Henry Stephenson), a nationally known coal tycoon and the main customer of the Legendres' company, visits the city, Lil thinks she has found a way to force her way into the highest social circles. She seduces him, then blackmails him into throwing a party at her mansion, knowing that no one would dare offend him by not showing up. It seems like a social coup for Lil, until her hairdresser friend and confidante Sally (Una Merkel) points out that all the guests have left early to attend a surprise party for Irene (who lives across the street).

Humiliated, she decides to move to New York City, even if it means a temporary separation from her husband. Will finds Lil's handkerchief at Gaerste's place and correctly guesses what Lil has done. He shows his evidence to his son, who hires detectives to watch Lil. They find that she is conducting not one, but two affairs, with Charles and his handsome French chauffeur Albert (Charles Boyer). Bill shows Charles damning photographs.

When Lil learns that Charles has found out about her, she returns to Bill, only to find him with Irene. Furious, she shoots him, but he survives and refuses to have her charged with attempted murder. However, he does divorce her and remarry Irene. Two years later, he sees her again, at a racetrack in Paris, in the company of an aged Frenchman. He discreetly hides Irene's binoculars. In the final scene, Lil and her elderly companion get into a limousine ... driven by Albert.