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Red Planet (2000)

aka Red Planet

"Not A Sound. Not A Warning. Not A Chance. Not Alone."

Directed By: 
Details: 106 mins · English · PG-13 (USA)


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Small Robby Gallagher
Small Cmdr. Kate Bowman
Small Lt. Ted Santen
Small Dr. Quinn Burchenal
Small Chip Pettengill
Small Dr. Bud Chantilas


No_movie_poster Peter Suschitzky Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Bruce Berman Producer
No_movie_poster Dallas Puett Editor
No_movie_poster Graeme Revell Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Andrew Mason Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Robert K. Lambert Editor
No_movie_poster Jonathan Lemkin Screenplay
No_movie_poster Chuck Pfarrer Screenplay
No_movie_poster Jorge Saralegui Producer
No_movie_poster Mark Canton Producer
No_movie_poster Antony Hoffman Director
No_movie_poster Chuck Pfarrer Story Contributor


"Not A Sound. Not A Warning. Not A Chance. Not Alone."


In 2056 AD, Earth is in ecologic crisis as a consequence of pollution and overpopulation. Automated interplanetary missions have been seeding Mars with atmosphere-producing algae as the first stage of terraforming the planet. When the oxygen quantity produced by the algae is inexplicably reduced, the crew of Mars-1 investigate; a crew consisting of Quinn Burchenal (Tom Sizemore), an agnostic geneticist, Bud Chantillas (Terence Stamp), an aging philosophical scientist and surgeon, systems engineer Robby Gallagher (Val Kilmer), commander Kate Bowman (Carrie-Anne Moss), pilot Ted Santen (Benjamin Bratt), and terraforming scientist Chip Pettengill (Simon Baker).

When Mars 1 is damaged in arrival, Bowman remains aboard for repair while the others land to locate an automated habitat established earlier to manufacture food and oxygen. During insertion, the team's landing craft is damaged and crash-lands off-course. In the aftermath, "AMEE" (Autonomous Mapping Exploration and Evasion), a military robot programmed to guide them, is lost, and Chantillas suffers a ruptured spleen and internal bleeding and is left to die in peace by the remainder of the team. Earlier, Santen refused to leave him behind, but Chantillas tells them that they only have eight hours of oxygen left to make it to HAB 1. Chantillas also tells Gallagher that he got to see Mars for the first time. In orbit around Mars, Bowman contacts Earth, which informs her that Mars-1 is in decaying orbit, but offers hope of restoring engine function in exiting Mars.

On Mars, the landing party find the automated habitat destroyed, and expect their own deaths by suffocation. Pettengill and Santen wander from the others to explore, later to reach a canyon where Santen is accidentally killed by Pettengill, after they get into a fight over whether or not the mission was a failure. Pettengill returns to Burchenal and Gallagher, and tells them that Santen killed himself. His oxygen depleted, Gallagher opens his helmet, choosing a quick death over asphyxiation - and discovers that Mars' atmosphere is thin but breathable. AMEE reunites with the crew, and the three astronauts notice the robot is damaged and attempt to reserve power for her guidance device. Perceiving their actions as a threat, AMEE cripples Burchenal and pursues the others. Gallagher tells the others she has gone into military mode, and will kill them one by one.

Eventually, Gallagher builds a makeshift radio from parts of the Mars Rover 'Pathfinder', through which Bowman instructs them to use a Russian probe's sample-return system to launch themselves into orbit. During the trip, Bowman tells Gallagher that the probe can hold only two people. Devastated by the recent news and afraid of being left behind, Pettengill flees with the radio, only to be killed by AMEE. Pettengill's corpse then becomes infested by insect-like creatures identified by Burchenal as "nematodes" and discovered to be flammable. Later, the crew encounter a field of algae, which Burchenal reveals that the insects are native Martian life, dormant until the algal growth, which consume the algae and excrete oxygen, and identifies them as a means of terraforming Mars. Burchenal is attacked when blood drips from an open wound, and passes his sample insects to Gallagher before immolating himself and his attackers. Gallagher reaches the Russian probe, finds sufficient fuel to power the rocket's engine, but not enough electrical power to launch the probe; and having caught and disabled AMEE, uses her power-source instead. He is then recovered by Bowman after launching into orbit where Mars-1 is waiting for him. Gallagher becomes upset that four astronauts died so that he may live, but Bowman tells him that they didn't die for nothing. It is later revealed that their mission has successfully restored Earth. Bowman and Gallagher start a romantic relationship at the end.

Release Dates:

DVD : 2001-03-27