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Reefer Madness (1936)

aka Reefer Madness

"SEE youthful marijuana victims - what actually happens!"

Directed By: 
Details: 68 mins · English


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Small Mary
No_movie_poster Bill
Small Blanche
Small Ralph
No_movie_poster May
No_movie_poster Jack
No_movie_poster Jimmy
No_movie_poster Agnes
No_movie_poster Junior
No_movie_poster Pete Daley - Dope Pusher
Small Juror
No_movie_poster Juror
No_movie_poster Joe the Bartender
No_movie_poster Mr. Wayne - Federal Bureau Investigator
No_movie_poster Bill's Lawyer
No_movie_poster Judge
No_movie_poster Mrs. Lane
Small The Boss
No_movie_poster Henry Harper
No_movie_poster Jury Foreman
No_movie_poster Prosecuting Attorney
No_movie_poster Mrs. Harper
No_movie_poster Pete Daley
No_movie_poster Dr. Carroll
Small Blanche's Lawyer
No_movie_poster Mae


No_movie_poster Robert Priestley Art Direction
No_movie_poster Hugo Riesenfeld Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Louis Diage Property Master
No_movie_poster Carl Pierson Editor
No_movie_poster Jack Greenhalgh Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Arthur Hoerl Screenplay
No_movie_poster Abe Meyer Music
Small Louis J. Gasnier Director
No_movie_poster Lawrence Meade Original Story
No_movie_poster Paul Franklin Additional Dialogue
No_movie_poster George A. Hirliman Producer
No_movie_poster Samuel Diege Producer
No_movie_poster Hans Weeren Sound Recordist
No_movie_poster Paul Franklin Writer
No_movie_poster Lawrence Meade Story Contributor
No_movie_poster Carl Pierson Editing


"SEE youthful marijuana victims - what actually happens!"

"Women cry for it - men die for it"


Mae Coleman (Thelma White) and Jack Perry (Carleton Young) — a couple supposedly living in sin, yet sleeping in separate beds as all married couples were depicted in films of the era — sell marijuana. Mae prefers to sell marijuana to customers her own age, whereas Jack sells the plant to young teenagers. Ralph Wiley (Dave O'Brien), a psychotic ex-college student turned fellow dealer (and addict, according to the film), and Blanche (Lillian Miles) help Jack sell cannabis to young students. Young students Bill Harper (Kenneth Craig) and Jimmy Lane (Warren McCollum) are invited to Mae and Jack's apartment by Blanche and Ralph. Jimmy takes Bill to the party. There, Jack runs out of reefer. Jimmy, who has a car, drives him to pick up some more. Arriving at Jack's boss' "headquarters," he gets out and Jimmy asks him for a cigarette. Jack gives him a joint. Later, when Jack comes back down and gets into the car, Jimmy drives off dangerously, along the way running over a pedestrian with his car. A few days later, Jack tells Jimmy that the pedestrian died of his injuries. Jack agrees to keep Jimmy's name out of the case, providing he agrees to "forget he was ever in Mae's apartment". Jimmy does indeed escape the consequences of his crime — a rare occurrence in the film.

Bill begins an affair with Blanche. Mary (Dorothy Short), Jimmy's sister and Bill's girlfriend, goes to Mae's apartment looking for Jimmy, and accepts a joint from Ralph, thinking it to be a normal cigarette. When she refuses Ralph's advances, he tries to rape her. Bill comes out of the bedroom after having sex with Blanche, and hallucinates that Mary strips for Ralph. He attacks Ralph, and as the two are fighting, Jack tries to break it up by hitting Bill with the butt of his gun. The gun goes off and Mary is killed. Jack puts the gun in the hand of an unconscious Bill, and wakes him up. Bill sees the gun in his hand, and is led to believe that he has killed Mary. The group of dealers lies low for a while in Blanche's apartment while Bill's trial takes place. Ralph, losing his sanity, wants to tell the police who is actually responsible for the death of Mary. The film attributes Ralph's insanity to marijuana use.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : United States of America