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Renaissance (2006)

aka Renaissance

"Paris 2054. Live forever or die trying"

Directed By: 
Details: 105 mins · English, French · R (USA)


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Small Barthélémy Karas
Small Bislane Tasuiev
Small Ilona Tasuiev
Small Paul Dellenbach
Small Jonas Muller
Small Nusrat Farfella
No_movie_poster Karas
No_movie_poster Bislane
Small Ilona


No_movie_poster Aton Soumache Producer
No_movie_poster Alexis Vonarb Producer
No_movie_poster Christian Volckman Director
No_movie_poster Mathieu Delaporte Author
No_movie_poster Jean-Bernard Pouy Adaptation
No_movie_poster Alexandre de La Patellière Screenplay
No_movie_poster Roch Lener Producer
No_movie_poster Nicholas Dodd Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Pascal Tosi Editor
No_movie_poster Timothy Burrill Production
Small Bob Weinstein Production
No_movie_poster Harvey Weinstein Production
No_movie_poster Alec Sokolow Writer
No_movie_poster Joel Cohen Writer
No_movie_poster Pascal Tosi Editing


"Paris 2054. Live forever or die trying"


The film opens with scenes establishing the kidnapping of 22-year-old scientist Ilona Tasuiev, who works for the megacorporation Avalon. The focus transitions to police captain Barthélémy Karas, as he defuses a hostage situation by killing the hostage-takers. Karas is soon after charged with solving the mystery of the disappearance of Ilona. Karas begins by contacting Dr. Jonas Muller, a former Avalon scientist familiar with her.

Muller had been working to cure progeria, which his brother was suffering from. Muller worked for Avalon as their top scientist but left after he failed to cure his brother. He took up new work at a free clinic. After Karas probes Jonas he finds that "No one ever leaves Avalon", throwing the corporation under suspicion. Karas leaves to visit Paul Dellenbach, one of Avalon's CEOs and questions him about Ilona's disappearance, suggesting that he may have been sleeping with her, to which Dellenbach replies "I sleep with my wife, I sleep with my secretary, I even sleep with my sister-in-law but I would never sleep with one of my researchers".

After following a series of dead leads, Karas finds Illona's car travelling on the road. He captures the driver, one of the henchmen of Farfella, an Arab Muslim mobster and a childhood friend of Karas. In return Farfella gives him a footage of Illona's car initially being stolen by an incredibly old man. Karas turns to Ilona's sister, Bislane. He asks her to break into the Avalon archives as she is currently employed there, and Bislane discovers that a Dr. Nakata worked with Muller and that their quest to find a cure failed when some of the children they were testing on started to mutate, causing them to destroy all evidence of their work.

Once they escape from Avalon security, Karas opens up to Bislane and tells her that he and Farfella were raised in the casbah and seemed to work with gangs. After a mission went wrong they ended up in a prison cell with Farfella escaping leaving Karas to the mercy of the other gang members. Karas then puts Bislane under false arrest to protect her from Avalon. As this occurs, Ilona is shown confined in a cyber ball, with the old man controlling what she sees.

Dr. Muller tells Karas that Ilona found the secret to eternal life (as he himself did 40 years before) and he couldn't let Avalon have it, revealing why he kidnapped her. Muller is mistakenly shot by the police when Karas confronts him. It is revealed that the old man is Jonas's younger brother, now immortal but trapped in an old man's body. Karas is eventually shot after he rescues Ilona; she refuses to take the fake passport to start a new life, wanting to live forever with her discovery. Karas is then forced to shoot her with Dellenbach watching on CCTV cameras.

As Karas is mortally injured from his gunshot wound, he imagines himself apologizing to Bislane for killing her sister, for which she forgives him. It then cuts to Jonas's little brother now living as a tramp, throwing his picture of him and his brother together in a burning bin. The last scene shows an advert for Avalon with an old woman becoming young again saying, "With Avalon, I know I'm beautiful and I'm going to stay that way."

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 2006-09-22 : United States of America