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Reno 911!: Miami (2007)

aka Reno 911!: Miami

Directed By: 
Details: 84 mins · English


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Small Chief of Police
Small District Attorney
Small Deputy Travis Junior
Small Deputy James Garcia
Small Deputy Cherisha Kimball
Small Deputy Raineesha Williams
No_movie_poster Deputy Clementine Johnson
Small Deputy S. Jones
Small Sheriff of Aspen
Small Kevlar Guy
No_movie_poster Bus Driver
No_movie_poster Cheyenne the Helicopter Model
No_movie_poster Miss Acapulco
Small Jeff Spoder
Small Glen the Desk Clerk
Small Captain Rogers, DHS
No_movie_poster Persnickety Desk Worker
No_movie_poster Spring Break Dream Girl
Small Deputy Trudy Wiegel
Small Ethan the Drug Lord
Small Terry


Small Danny DeVito Producer
Small Thomas Lennon Author
No_movie_poster Michael Shamberg Producer
No_movie_poster Stacey Sher Producer
No_movie_poster Craig Wedren Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster John Refoua Editor
No_movie_poster Julie Ashton Casting
Small Robert Ben Garant Director
No_movie_poster Paul Young Executive Producer
Small Kerri Kenney Author
No_movie_poster Penny Adams Producer
No_movie_poster Peter Principato Executive Producer
No_movie_poster John Landgraf Producer
No_movie_poster Sandi Yi-Trimble Producer
No_movie_poster Joe Kessler Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Mary Ann Bozek Costume Design
No_movie_poster Sandi Yi-Trimble Producer
Small Thomas Lennon Story Contributor


The movie opens outside of a building where terrorists are holding hostages and a nuclear bomb. The Reno Sheriff's Department arrives in a helicopter, called in as experts. As the group prepare to deal with the situation, Deputy Travis Junior (Robert Ben Garant) wakes up and realizes it was a dream; he was sleeping at the wheel, and the vehicle he and Lt. Dangle crashes.

The film continues with introductory clips of the officers, telling how they became interested in law enforcement, à la COPS. After a scene involving a chicken in the road miscoded as an "armed person on a roof", Dangle tells everyone that they have been invited to the American Police Convention in Miami Beach. On arrival, the group finds they are not on the entrant list. Having nowhere to stay, they rent rooms at a motel. That night, the police officers attempt unsuccessfully to seduce one another, and turn to self-pleasure.

As everyone recovers from their hangovers, Johnson discovers a tattoo on her breast of a mystery man, later revealed to be Garcia. The team go to the convention site to see if their tickets were found. On arrival, they discover the building has been the subject of a bio-chemical terrorist attack, and the police inside are quarantined. The only city official left outside is assistant deputy mayor Jeff Spoder (Patton Oswalt). The head of National Security asks Reno Sheriffs Department to provide law enforcement for Miami Beach. A high-ranking SWAT agent (Dwayne Johnson, a.k.a. The Rock) arrives on the scene, but accidentally blows himself up with a grenade.

The team assume the Miami Sheriff's responsibilities, and respond to several emergency calls: an alligator is reported in a swimming pool and a neighbour is killed trying to wrestle it; reports of street prostitution lead the team to discover Terry, in Miami to record an album; and a dead beached whale, which they remove by blowing it up into smaller pieces. During their day, Jones and Garcia are repeatedly kidnapped by Ethan (Paul Rudd), a drug lord. They discover that Spoder was responsible for the terrorist attack, and that he'd teamed up with Ethan to create a drug empire. Spoder kills Ethan after he reveals he is a small time dealer pretending to be a mob boss, and escapes with the antidote. The team chase Spoder, who holds them at gunpoint until Jones and Garcia arrive and a Marine helicopter and Spoder surrenders. Lt. Dangle arrests him, and Wiegel, sitting in the helicopter, accidentally launches a missile at the squad car he is detained in.

The next day, the antidote is distributed, and the Reno Sheriff's Department are congratulated for their actions. Lt. Dangle accepts a job at the Aspen Sheriff's Department, who'd repeatedly turned him down previously. The remaining team are offered a flight back to Reno by Terry, revealed to have a rich father, on his private jet. Back in Reno, Garcia briefs the team on their day's work. Dangle enters, interrupting the briefing, and explains that Aspen has a strict policy forbidding homosexual sheriffs. Dangle continues the briefing, and reveals the group have been invited to a convention at Scotland Yard

Release Dates:

DVD : 2007-06-19