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Rock of Ages (2012)

aka Rock of Ages

Directed By: 
Details: 123 mins · English · PG-13 (USA)


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great movie

Love the songs they used, and Tom Cruise's role is defenitly something different then I'm used to of him. Still he did an awesome job at playing Stacy.

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Yes! I love the music in this movie, the dancing, although not a high quality story it is a jolly good feel-good movie!

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Small Stacee Jaxx
Small Mayor Mike Whitmore
Small Constance Sack
Small Lonny Barnett
Small Patricia Whitmore
Small Dennis Dupree
Small Paul Gill
No_movie_poster Drew Boley
Small Sherrie Christian
No_movie_poster Beth
No_movie_poster Bartender Jimmy
No_movie_poster Doug Flintlock
Small Stefano
No_movie_poster Broadway Dancer
No_movie_poster Tour Manager - Stacee
No_movie_poster Stacee's Bodyguard
Small Church Horse Mother
No_movie_poster Protest Mother #1
No_movie_poster Drew's Band
Small Stacee's Bodyguard
No_movie_poster Assistant #2
No_movie_poster Female Fan
No_movie_poster Waitress #1
Small Mitch Miley
No_movie_poster Barricade Pedestrian
No_movie_poster Louise
No_movie_poster Justice


Small Tobey Maguire Producer
Small Justin Theroux Screenplay
Small Adam Shankman Director
No_movie_poster Jennifer Gibgot Producer
No_movie_poster Garrett Grant Producer
No_movie_poster Allan Loeb Screenplay
No_movie_poster Chris D'Arienzo Screenplay
No_movie_poster Scott Prisand Producer
No_movie_poster Matt Weaver Producer
Small Adam Shankman Production
No_movie_poster Jordan Roberts Writer
No_movie_poster Michael Arndt Writer
No_movie_poster Chris D'Arienzo Story Contributor
No_movie_poster Emma E. Hickox Editing


In 1987, Sherrie Christian arrives in Los Angeles from Oklahoma with dreams of becoming a famous singer, while barback Drew Boley prepares for another night of work at The Bourbon Room (“Sister Christian/Just Like Paradise/Nothin' But a Good Time”). As Sherrie approaches The Bourbon, her suitcase is stolen, including her records. Seeing the incident, Drew tries to catch the robber, but fails. He comforts Sherrie and, upon learning of her situation, he gets her a job at the Bourbon Room as a waitress.

The club's owner, Dennis Dupree, and his right-hand man, Lonny Barnett, are trying to find a way to deal with unpaid taxes that threaten the club, wishing their love of rock 'n' roll could keep it alive. Drew and Sherrie go to a Tower Records store and confess their dreams of becoming famous (“Juke Box Hero/I Love Rock 'n Roll”). In hopes of raising enough money to clear up their debt, Dennis and Lonny finally decide to book Stacee Jaxx, a famous rock star preparing for his final gig with his band Arsenal, to perform at the Bourbon, where he started. Upon hearing of Stacee's upcoming concert, Patricia Whitmore, the religiously conservative wife of Mayor Mike Whitmore, organizes her church to protest in front of the Bourbon Room, planning to shut them down in an attempt to rid L.A. of its "sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll" image (“Hit Me with Your Best Shot”).

Drew and Sherrie's relationship progresses and they start to fall in love (“Waiting for a Girl Like You”), with Drew admitting he has started writing a song for Sherrie. On the night of Arsenal's final show, Dennis learns that their opening act has cancelled its appearance and Sherrie convinces him to use Drew and his band, Wolfgang Von Colt, as the replacement opener. Drew then confesses his feelings for Sherrie (“More Than Words/Heaven”), while Stacee's manager, Paul Gill, schedules an interview between Stacee and Constance Sack, a reporter for Rolling Stone magazine, before the concert.

During the interview, she mentions the rumors that Stacee is difficult to work with and implies that he was actually kicked out of Arsenal, but Stacee claims that his life is much more complicated than it appears to be (“Wanted Dead or Alive”). After the interview, Constance lashes out at him, claiming that he was once a great musician but now is just immature and on the verge of becoming a washed up, has-been rocker. Stacee orders Gill, his security guards and everyone out of the dressing room so he can settle things with Constance privately. While explaining himself to her, he realizes that Constance is actually the only person who has ever truly understood him rather than adhering to an image of what people expect of him. He seduces her, and they are close to having sex (“I Want to Know What Love Is”) when one of his arrogant comments convinces her that it would be a mistake and causes her to leave abruptly, leaving Stacee in a state of confusion. Sherrie then enters his dressing room bringing a bottle of Scotch that Stacee had requested she bring him from his limo outside. Still confused from his near-tryst with Constance and her leaving in a panic, he walks into Sherrie and she drops the bottle on the ground. It smashes to pieces and she apologies to him profusely.

While Drew is waiting to go on stage, he sees Sherrie leaving Stacee's dressing room and mistakes her apologies to him for having broken his Scotch bottle as an indication that they had sex (the fact that he also sees Stacee zipping his pants up, unaware that it was from his almost having seduced Constance, only convinces him of this further), causing him to perform in a rage that the audience loves (“I Wanna Rock”). He breaks up with her after his set and leaves with Gill after he offers to make Drew famous. Stacee Jaxx later takes the stage in front of an ecstatic crowd (“Pour Some Sugar on Me”). Sherrie thinks that fame changed Drew and she quits (“Harden My Heart”). She struggles to find a job while Drew learns, much to his chagrin, that he must change his rock star image into that of a boy band in order to get investors (“Here I Go Again”). Justice Charlier, the owner of a local strip venue called "The Venus Club", takes Sherrie under her wing, allowing her to work in the club as a waitress (“Shadows of the Night/Harden My Heart”). However, she is told that in order to gain respect and make more money, she must become a dancer, something Sherrie ultimately does (“Any Way You Want It”), while Drew is transformed into a frontman for a boy band ("Undercover Love").

When the Rolling Stone issue that features Constance's article on Stacee Jaxx hits the newsstands, Stacee learns from it that Gill had stolen the proceeds from the show at the Bourbon Room and terminates his employment with him due to his friendship with Dennis. Gill then plans to have another concert at the Bourbon Room to introduce Drew's new band, Z Guyeezz, to earn profit from them. Knowing that Dennis will not trust him anymore, he lies that Stacee Jaxx will be the one who will be performing as his first solo gig. Dennis believes him and spreads the news in order to attract rock fans.

A depressed Drew visits the Hollywood sign, where he finds Sherrie, who reveals both that she didn't have sex with Stacee and that she is going back home. She also admits that she has been working as a stripper since quitting the Bourbon and Drew admits his new act is actually a boy band. Sherrie and Drew both lament the situation while Stacee realizes he has feelings for Constance (“Every Rose Has It's Thorn”). Stacee calls the Rolling Stone office in an attempt to find her, but the receptionist tells him that "she is covering Stacee Jaxx’s show at The Bourbon Room" and Stacee, unaware that he was supposed to perform that night, rushes to the venue. Meanwhile, Drew has found all of Sherrie’s stolen records at the Tower Records they first visited together. He buys them back and drops them off for her at the strip club.

That night, before the Z Guyeezz's first show at the Bourbon, Patricia and her supporters square off against Stacee's enthusiasts, led by Lonny (“We Built This City/We’re Not Gonna Take It”). When Stacee arrives, he seems to remember Patricia and greets her as "Patty." Lonny also recognizes her from a photo inside the sleeve of one of Arsenal's old records, and exposes her as a former Arsenal groupie, and a hypocrite, in front of everyone. Stacee enters the club and finds Constance, and professes his love for her. The two then rush off to the club's bathroom to finally have sex while wrecking the bathroom. He also has his security guards return the stolen money to Dennis, who uses it to pay the taxes and save the club.

The Z Guyeezz start the show, but the rocker crowd rejects their performance, and Drew, spotting Sherrie in the audience, leaves the stage. The two reconcile and Drew also dismisses Gill, proclaiming that rock 'n' roll will never die. Sherrie reunites Wolfgang Von Colt for the opening act, where Drew performs the song he wrote for her (“Don’t Stop Believin'”). Stacee hears the song and is moved by it. Eight months later, Stacee, who has rejoined Arsenal, performs the song with Drew and Sherrie, who is now part of Wolfgang Von Colt, in a concert at Dodger Stadium in front of a crowd that includes Dennis, Lonny, Justice, a pregnant Constance, and Patricia, who has returned to her rock 'n' roll persona.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 2012-06-15 : United States of America

Theatrical : 2012-06-13 : Ireland

Theatrical : 2012-06-13 : United Kingdom

Theatrical : 2012-06-14 : Australia

Theatrical : 2012-06-14 : Germany

Theatrical : 2012-06-14 : New Zealand

Theatrical : 2012-06-14 : Philippines

Theatrical : 2012-06-14 : Russia

Theatrical : 2012-06-14 : Ukraine

Theatrical : 2012-06-15 : Canada

Theatrical : 2012-06-15 : France

Theatrical : 2012-06-15 : India

Theatrical : 2012-06-20 : Belgium

Theatrical : 2012-06-20 : Iceland

Theatrical : 2012-06-20 : Italy

Theatrical : 2012-06-21 : Croatia

Theatrical : 2012-06-21 : Hungary

Theatrical : 2012-06-21 : Netherlands

Theatrical : 2012-06-22 : Bulgaria

Theatrical : 2012-06-22 : Estonia

Theatrical : 2012-06-22 : Lithuania

Theatrical : 2012-06-22 : Romania

Theatrical : 2012-06-23 : Sweden

Theatrical : 2012-06-28 : Greece

Theatrical : 2012-06-28 : Serbia

Theatrical : 2012-06-28 : Slovenia

Theatrical : 2012-06-29 : Finland

Theatrical : 2012-06-30 : France

Theatrical : 2012-07-11 : France

Theatrical : 2012-07-13 : Vietnam

Theatrical : 2012-07-19 : Portugal

Theatrical : 2012-08-02 : Israel

Theatrical : 2012-08-10 : Norway

Theatrical : 2012-08-10 : Spain

Theatrical : 2012-08-13 : Argentina

Theatrical : 2012-08-16 : Argentina

Theatrical : 2012-08-16 : Hong Kong

Theatrical : 2012-08-16 : Singapore

Theatrical : 2012-08-17 : Colombia

Theatrical : 2012-08-17 : Mexico

Theatrical : 2012-08-17 : Taiwan

Theatrical : 2012-08-24 : Brazil

Theatrical : 2012-08-30 : Chile

Theatrical : 2012-08-30 : Peru

Theatrical : 2012-09-07 : Poland

Theatrical : 2012-09-21 : Japan

Theatrical : 2012-10-26 : Venezuela

DVD : 2012-10-09 : United States of America

DVD : 2012-12-28 : Taiwan