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Rogue Cop (1954)

aka Rogue Cop

Directed By: 
Details: 92 mins · English


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Small Det. Sgt. Christopher Kelvaney
Small Karen Stephanson
Small Dan Beaumonte
Small Eddie Kelvaney
Small Nancy Corlane
No_movie_poster Det. Sidney Y. Myers
No_movie_poster Ackerman
No_movie_poster Father Ahearn
Small Johnny Stark
No_movie_poster George 'Wrinkles' Fallon
Small Joey Langley
No_movie_poster Selma
Small Lt. Vince D. Bardeman
No_movie_poster Manny
Small Patrolman Mullins
No_movie_poster Frances


No_movie_poster John F. Seitz Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Nicholas Nayfack Producer
No_movie_poster Jeff Alexander Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster William P. McGivern Novel
No_movie_poster Roy Rowland Director
No_movie_poster Sydney Boehm Writer
No_movie_poster William P. McGivern Story Contributor


The film tells of Christopher Kelvaney (Taylor) a crooked police officer who is not timid to take bribes and payoffs from criminals and other nefarious folk. His brother Eddie (Forrest) is a young member of the police force and is honest and uncorrupted.

In a penny arcade, a drug dealer is stabbed to death by a man who claims the territory for himself, and Eddie witnesses a gangland murder. The murderer goes to Kelvaney and asks to buy his brother off. When Christopher Kelvaney realizes that his brother won't change his testimony he tells the mob to leave his brother alone.

An out-of-town button-man is brought in to kill both brothers, but he succeeds only in killing Eddie. His conscience aroused, Kelvaney goes after the mob leaders himself.