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Saboteur (1942)

aka Saboteur

Directed By: 
Details: 108 mins · English · PG (USA)


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Aircraft factory worker Barry Kane is accused of starting a fire at a Glendale, California airplane plant during World War II, an act of sabotage that killed his friend Mason. Kane believes the real culprit is a man named Fry who handed him a fire extinguisher filled with gasoline during the fire, causing Mason's death. When the investigators find no one named "Fry" on the list of plant workers, they assume Kane is the saboteur.

Kane and Mason had seen Fry's name on an envelope the saboteur dropped before the fire, so Kane heads to the address, a ranch in the High Desert. The ranch owner, Charles Tobin, appears to be a well-respected citizen, although he later reveals that he is working with the saboteurs. Tobin's young granddaughter hands some mail to Kane that reveals Fry has gone to Soda City, while Tobin has gone to call the sheriff. Kane escapes the police, taking refuge with a kind blind man whose visiting niece is a billboard model, Patricia "Pat" Martin. Although her uncle asks her to take Kane to the local blacksmith shop to have his handcuffs removed, she attempts to take him to the police. Kane kidnaps Martin, protesting his innocence to her. When she stops the car and gets out, threatening to stop the first car that comes by, he uses the fan-belt pulley of her car's generator to cut off his handcuffs, causing the car to overheat.

As night falls, the couple stow away in the last trailer of a passing circus caravan, occupied by circus performers. The performers quickly recognize them as fugitives but decide to shield them from the officers.

Kane and Martin reach the abandoned Soda City and find a staging area for the saboteurs' plan to blow up Boulder Dam. Kane is discovered by the saboteurs, but conceals Martin and convinces the saboteurs that he is in league with them. After finding their plans to destroy the dam foiled, Kane convinces the saboteurs to take him with them to New York City. He learns of their plans to sabotage the launching of a new U.S. Navy ship at the Brooklyn shipyard. Kane's performance has fooled Martin as well; she contacts the authorities, hoping to get to New York in time to foil the saboteurs' plans.

The saboteurs arrive in New York but find the phone at their office disconnected, indicating the police are on to them. They drive to the mansion of a New York dowager, meeting with her and other conspirators. Kane finds the captured Martin, who was betrayed by a corrupt sheriff. As Kane attempts to signal her that she should escape, Tobin arrives, recognizing Kane and denouncing him as a foe of the conspiracy. The saboteurs lock Kane in the cellar and Martin in an office at Rockefeller Center. Martin drops a note from her window, alerting cabbies on the street to her location. They notify the FBI who rescue her. Kane triggers a fire alarm at the mansion and escapes in the pandemonium.

Desperate to warn someone of the impending sabotage, Kane reaches the shipyard, then stumbles onto Fry at the controls inside a fake newsreel truck. They struggle long enough for Kane to prevent Fry from pushing the bomb's detonator. Fry takes Kane prisoner, and his accomplice drives them to Rockefeller Center, but they find the police and FBI waiting to arrest them. Fry's flight from the officers takes him into a movie theatre, where he shoots a spectator to create confusion, allowing him to escape. As he exits, Kane and Martin are leaving the building, Kane in the custody of an FBI agent. Seeing Fry getting into a taxi, Kane tells Martin to follow the spy. Martin follows Fry as he boards a boat to Liberty Island, attracting his attention, then sees him walk into the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty. She calls the FBI office, then goes into the statue herself, climbing to the top of the statue, where she strikes up a conversation with Fry, stalling the spy until Kane and the FBI arrive.

Kane escapes his escort and encounters Martin, who tells him that Fry is getting away, so Kane pursues Fry onto the torch viewing platform. When Kane emerges from the tunnel he confronts Fry. Fry falls over the torch's railing, but grabs hold of the statue's hand. Kane climbs down to rescue Fry. The police and FBI agent reach the torch, watching from the railing. When Fry's grip slips, Kane grabs the sleeve of Fry's jacket. The stitching of Fry's sleeve gives way, causing Fry to fall to his death. Kane climbs back up to the torch and embraces Martin.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 1942-04-24 : United States of America

DVD : 2001-03-06