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Salome (1953)

aka Salome

Directed By: 
Written By:  Writer details not available
Details: 103 mins · English


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Small Princess Salome
Small King Herod
Small le commandant Claudius
Small la reine Herodiade
Small l'empereur Tibère
No_movie_poster Jean-Baptiste
No_movie_poster Pontius Pilate
No_movie_poster Ezra, le conseiller du roi
No_movie_poster Ezra the King's Advisor
Small Micha the Queen's Advisor
Small Tiberius Caesar
Small Queen Herodias
No_movie_poster John the Baptist
Small Marcellus Fabius


Small William Dieterle Director
Small Rita Hayworth Production
No_movie_poster Harry Kleiner Other
No_movie_poster Harry Kleiner Story Contributor


Although based on the New Testament story, the film does not follow the biblical text. In Galilee, during the rule of Rome's Tiberius Caesar, King Herod (Charles Laughton) and Queen Herodias (Judith Anderson) sit on the throne and are condemned by a prophet known as John the Baptist (Alan Badel). Herodias resents John's denunciation of her marriage to the king, her former husband's brother, and the Baptist's claim that she is an adulteress.

Salome falls in love with a heroic Roman soldier (Granger) who converts to Christianity. In a direct reversal of the Biblical text, she dances for Herod to save John the Baptist from being beheaded, but is unsuccessful. Horrified, she renounces her mother Herodias, who planned and ordered the execution, and also becomes a Christian convert. The last scene shows Hayworth and Granger listening to Christ (whose face is not shown) delivering the Sermon on the Mount.

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