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Salt (2010)

aka Salt

"Who is Salt?"

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Details: 100 mins · English, Russian, Korean · PG-13 (USA)


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(Review written in 2010)

Now THIS was a disappointing movie. August Diehl should never disappoint me, in fact I’m starting to get discouraged. Why can’t he make a nice, interesting, wonderful German movie for me really soon? It’s not that this movie is bad, it’s just that it’s not good. One of those that is interesting only for the plot and only just enough to be entertaining, not enough to be anything great. I love the contrast that August adds to the entire thing – being creepy and kind of adorable and sweet at the same time, while pulling on your heart strings. He’s the best thing about this film – and I’ll admit to being prejudiced. But it’s nothing overly original, and nothing I haven’t seen before. Angelina does manage to keep it visually appealing and action packed, for that I give her kudos, because without her and August this would be a huge suckfest.

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Not quite as awful as I had been told, but still pretty bad. One twist after another, and even Lars ended up saying that there was almost too much action... not enough time left over for plot and character development.

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Everything's great save for how Salt didn't die.

And Diehl? It's hilarious seeing him fake a German accent that he doesn't actually have.

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Small Evelyn Salt
Small Ted Winter
Small Shnaider
Small Peabody
Small Russian Ex-Secret Agent
Small Mike Krause
Small Cleo
Small Todd Bottoms
No_movie_poster One-Star General
Small Young Salt
Small Zoe Kinnally
No_movie_poster Precision Driver
No_movie_poster CIA / SWAT team
No_movie_poster Russian Thug #1
Small Lead Technician
No_movie_poster Francis
No_movie_poster President Howard Lewis
No_movie_poster Corporal Davis - U.S. Military
No_movie_poster CIA Agent
No_movie_poster The Ritual Matchmaker
Small Paul Tracey
No_movie_poster Cop escorting Evelyn Salt from Bombing
No_movie_poster CIA Director Medford
No_movie_poster Portico Checkpoint Agent
No_movie_poster Russian Thug #3
No_movie_poster Security Officer
No_movie_poster Mourning Granddaughter
No_movie_poster Joe Oates
No_movie_poster Camera man
No_movie_poster Air Force Tech Sgt. Honor Guard
No_movie_poster Coms Agent / Radio Op
No_movie_poster 202. SS Bunker Tech #3
No_movie_poster Basayev
No_movie_poster Secret service agent
No_movie_poster Russian Reporter
No_movie_poster 7-year-old Schnaider
No_movie_poster 12-year-old Schnaider
Small CIA Officer
Small President Boris Matveyev
Small Secretary of Defense
Small Advisor to U.S. President
Small Salt's Young Neighbor
Small Vasily Orlov


No_movie_poster Lorenzo di Bonaventura Producer
Small Phillip Noyce Director
No_movie_poster Kurt Wimmer Writer
No_movie_poster Sunil Perkash Producer
No_movie_poster John Gilroy Editing
No_movie_poster Stuart Baird Editing


"Who is Salt?"


Evelyn Salt (Angelina Jolie) is tortured in a North Korean prison on suspicion of being an American spy. She is released in a prisoner exchange to Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) colleague Ted Winter (Liev Schreiber), against their usual policy to sacrifice the individual. Winter points to arachnologist Michael Krause (August Diehl), whose persistence forced them to free her.

Two years later, on Salt and Mike's wedding anniversary, a Russian defector named Oleg Vasilyevich Orlov (Daniel Olbrychski) walks in to Salt's CIA office. Salt interrogates him, with Winter and CIA counterintelligence officer Peabody (Chiwetel Ejiofor) observing, all skeptical. Orlov claims on "Day X", Anglophone sleeper agents trained from childhood will destroy the U.S.

Agent "KA-12" will assassinate Russian president Boris Matveyev (Olek Krupa), a reformer dedicated to improving relations with the United States, at the funeral of the American vice-president. Orlov reveals that KA-12 is named "Evelyn Salt", and instruments measuring truth confirm his entire story. Salt protests her innocence, calls husband Mike to verify his safety, and gets only his recorded message.

Peabody detains Salt, but she flees to an empty floor, concocts an explosive weapon from materials at hand, and escapes the lockdown and armed team. She gets to her nearby apartment and sees evidence Mike was kidnapped. Just ahead of the CIA team, she climbs out the window to a neighbor, with a knapsack containing her dog, weapons, and a spider. Although pursuers trap her on a bridge, she rolls and jumps from moving truck roof tops to escape.

In New York City, Salt extracts venom from the spider, dyes her blonde hair black, and studies printouts of underground tunnel plans. At the funeral, she takes down Secret Service squads, explodes the floor below the Russian president, so he falls to her in the basement. She shoots the president, but refrains from shooting Peabody, and surrenders instead. The media reports that the Russian president has died.

Salt escapes custody again. She heads to a barge where Orlov is hiding with other sleeper agents. Salt remembers, in a series of flashbacks, growing up in the Soviet Union and being trained, along with other children, by Orlov to obey him. Orlov tests her loyalty to him by having Mike killed in front of her. Satisfied she is loyal, Orlov briefs her on the next mission, to rendezvous with another agent who will help her assassinate the American president. Salt cuts Orlov's throat with the glass bottle they were drinking from, takes grenades, guns, and calmly, coldly, kills everyone else on the barge.

Salt meets Shnaider (Corey Stoll), who uses his cover as a Czech NATO liaison to get Salt, disguised as his male aide, into the White House. Shnaider launches a suicidal attack, so the Secret Service and Winter move the president to the underground bunker. Salt takes down everyone in her way, slides down the elevator shaft, gets to the final bullet-proof glass shielded room, and takes out their security cameras.

The president (Hunt Block) gets the national nuclear weapons ready to fire. Winter kills everyone except the president, introduces himself as Nikolai Tarkovsky, and knocks him out when he refuses to cooperate. Winter aims missiles at Mecca, Saudi Arabia, and Tehran, Iran, to unite millions of Muslims against the United States.

Salt persuades Winter to let her inside for their Russian triumph, until the television reports that Matveyev is alive. Winter rebukes Salt for falling in love with Mike. He wanted Mike abducted, for Salt to be the patsy, himself to be the hero.

Salt breaks in through the door control switch, and they fight for the nuclear football. Salt wins and aborts the strikes, just before Peabody and Secret Service agents capture her. She jumps off a stairway and strangles Winter with her wrist chain.

On a helicopter ride to FBI custody, Salt convinces Peabody that she saved the day, and hunting down the rest of the KA sleeper agents will take both of them. She wants revenge because "they took everything". He remembers that she refrained from killing him or the Russian president in the church, and gets a text that fingerprints place her on Orlov's body-strewn barge. He finishes jimmying her cuffs open, and signals her when to jump for the Potomac River below. The final scene shows her running through the woods, soaked and free.

Release Dates:

DVD : 2010-12-21

2010-07-23 : United States of America