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Satan's Harvest (1970)

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Satan's Harvest (1970)

aka Satan's Harvest

Written By:  Writer details not available
Details: 90 mins · English


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Small Cutter Murdock
Small Marla Oates
No_movie_poster Bates


Small George Montgomery Director
No_movie_poster Douglas K. Stone Director
No_movie_poster Roy Martin Original Music Composer


Satan's Harvest is a 1970 South African film directed by George Montgomery who also starred in the film with Tippi Hedren.

After inheriting a farm in South Africa, Cutter Murdock, an American private detective travels to South Africa to claim his inheritance and almost immediately finds himself in serious danger. Following an attempted assassination whlle leaving the aeroplane at Jan Smuts Airport in which he is shot at while descending the stairs (the person behind him is shot dead) and a further attempt on his life when his chauffeur and car are blown to hell, he is also targeted by the gun-toting Marla Oaks who shoots at him as soon as he gets out of his plane. There are a group of people who want Murdock’s farm - interloper family members who were excluded from Murdock’s uncle’s will - as the farm is a heroin and marijuana goldmine and nothing will stand in their way to have this farm, not even the resourceful American detective.

They are the Grim Reapers, their trade is oppression, addiction and death: they reap Satan’s Harvest.