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Séance on a Wet Afternoon (1964)

aka Séance on a Wet Afternoon

"Two of the greatest performances you will ever see..."

Directed By: 
Details: 115 mins · English


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Small Myra Savage
Small Billy Savage
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No_movie_poster Amanda Clayton
No_movie_poster Woman at First Seance
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Small John Barry Original Music Composer
Small Richard Attenborough Producer
No_movie_poster Ray Simm Art Direction
No_movie_poster Bryan Forbes Director
No_movie_poster Mark McShane Novel
No_movie_poster Gerry Turpin Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Derek York Editor
No_movie_poster Bryan Forbes Production
No_movie_poster Bryan Forbes Writer
No_movie_poster Mark McShane Story Contributor


"Two of the greatest performances you will ever see..."


Myra Savage (Kim Stanley) is a medium who holds séances in her home. Her husband Billy (Richard Attenborough), unable to work because of asthma and cowed by Myra's domineering personality, assists in her séances. Myra's life and psychic work are dominated by her relationship with the spirit of her son Arthur, who died at birth.

At Myra’s insistence, Billy kidnaps the young daughter (Judith Donner) of a wealthy couple (Mark Eden and Nanette Newman), confining her in a room in the Savage home dressed as a hospital ward. Myra impersonates a nurse to deceive the girl into believing she is hospitalised. Myra insists she is "borrowing" the girl to demonstrate her psychic abilities to the police in helping them find her. Although they ask for a £25,000 ransom, they plan to return the money with the girl after Myra has become famous for helping find her.

Myra's plan goes awry as her unsteady mental health begins to fray. She tells Billy to kill the girl, and he takes her into the woods and leaves her body under a tree.

When the police ask Myra to conduct a séance to help them find the missing girl – as she had hoped they would – she breaks down during the séance and reveals, as if in a psychic trance, what she and Billy have done. Billy tells the police where he hid the ransom money and reveals that he did not kill the girl, but left her unconscious where she would be found by scouts camping nearby.

Release Dates:

1964-11-05 : United States of America