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Secret of the Incas (1954)

aka Secret of the Incas

Directed By: 
Details: 100 mins · English, Quechua, Spanish, Romanian


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Small Harry Steele
Small Stanley Moorehead
Small Elena Antonescu
Small Ed Morgan
Small Mrs. Winston
Small Pachacutec
No_movie_poster Anton Marcu
No_movie_poster Phillip Lang
No_movie_poster Man with rifle
No_movie_poster Col. Emilio Cardoza


No_movie_poster Lionel Lindon Director of Photography
No_movie_poster David Buttolph Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Ranald MacDougall Screenplay
No_movie_poster Sydney Boehm Story
No_movie_poster Jerry Hopper Director
No_movie_poster Boehm Maximum Story
No_movie_poster Mel Epstein Producer
No_movie_poster Hal B. Wallis Production
No_movie_poster Eda Warren Editing


An Incan legend states that the Inca Empire was destroyed by the gods when a gold and jeweled starburst was stolen from the Temple of the Sun centuries ago, and that the ancient civilization will be reborn once the treasure is returned. Harry Steele (Charlton Heston), an adventurer, is seeking the artifact, as is his nemesis Edward 'Ed' Morgan (Thomas Mitchell), along with Elena Antonescu (Nicole Maurey), an Iron Curtain refugee.

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