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Shadowboxer (2006)

aka Shadowboxer

"Feeling Protected Is Very Seductive"

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 93 mins · English · R (USA)


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Small Rose
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No_movie_poster Billy Hopkins Casting
No_movie_poster Suzanne Smith Casting
No_movie_poster Chryss Hionis Set Decoration
No_movie_poster Kerry Barden Casting
No_movie_poster Tim Galvin Art Direction
No_movie_poster Diane Heery Casting
No_movie_poster Brian A. Kates Editor
Small Lee Daniels Producer
No_movie_poster M. David Mullen Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Steve Saklad Production Design
No_movie_poster William Chang Editor
No_movie_poster Tucker Tooley Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Marvet Britto Producer
Small Damon Dash Producer
No_movie_poster Lisa Cortes Producer
No_movie_poster William Lipz Author
No_movie_poster Dawn Lenfest Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Brook Lenfest Producer
No_movie_poster Doreen S. Oliver-Akinnuoye Producer
No_movie_poster Sharon Pinkenson Producer
No_movie_poster Thomas Fatone Producer
No_movie_poster Valerie Hoffman Producer
No_movie_poster Simone Sheffield Producer
No_movie_poster Dave Robinson Producer
No_movie_poster Mario Grigorov Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Leah Daniels Casting
No_movie_poster Chase Lenfest Producer
Small Lee Daniels Director


"Feeling Protected Is Very Seductive"


Mikey (Gooding Jr.) and his stepmother Rose (Mirren) are lovers and contract killers.

Rose is diagnosed with cancer, as she and Mikey continue with their contract killings. Mafia kingpin Clayton (Stephen Dorff) learns that his pregnant wife Vicki (Vanessa Ferlito) may have been unfaithful, So he hires Mikey and Rose to kill her. Upon entering Clayton's mansion to do the job, Rose heads for Vicki's bedroom while Vicki is on the phone with her best friend Neisha, (Macy Gray). But as Rose enters Vicki's bedroom, Vicki's water breaks and she goes into labor. Afterwards, Mikey and Rose drive Vicki and her infant son to a local motel. At Rose's request, Mikey calls Dr. Don (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who arrives with his junkie nurse Precious (Mo'Nique). But Dr. Don is also the private doctor to Clayton, and he decides to help. Now Dr. Don and Precious must keep Vicki and her infant son's existence a secret from Clayton. Rose switches to the role of midwife, and over Mikey's objections, insists that they take Vicki and her infant son to a safe place. The four end up in Philadelphia.

Neisha arrives at Clayton's mansion demanding to know where Vicki is, then leaves fearing for her own life. Clayton becomes nervous that Neisha knows too much and pays Mikey to assassinate Neisha, which he does by poisoning. Mikey and Rose move Vicki and her son to a house in upstate Pennsylvania. Mikey carries on with the contract killings solo.

At the baby's first birthday party, Rose decides she would rather die at her happiest point than suffer from her cancer. She and Mikey have sex in the woods, and she has Mikey shoot her as she reaches orgasm. Before she dies, Rose makes Mikey promise to take care of Vicki and her baby and to do whatever Vicki asks of him. Mikey, Vicki and the child, Anthony, live safely for seven years.

While searching for medical files, Precious finds Dr. Don giving oral sex to a patient. Hurt and betrayed, Precious leaves his office while threatening to get her revenge.

Vicki becomes concerned about Anthony when she sees him watching Mikey assemble a gun. She later asks Mikey to leave, saying that he doesn't have to protect them anymore. He leaves but is then consumed with guilt when he later kills a father. Mikey realizes that he has grown attached to Anthony and, after confessing his murders to Vicki, tells her he wants to stay.

Clayton finds out from Precious that his wife and child are alive. Clayton then shoots and kills Precious right before Dr. Don's eyes and shoots Don in the leg. Mikey, deciding that he no longer wants to kill, determines that his next contract kill will be his final one. When Mikey checks into a hotel he opens the file on his contract, only to find a picture of himself and Vicki leaving their house. Mikey then calls Vicki to find out if she and Anthony are okay. Clayton's bodyguard instead answers the phone, causing Mikey to rush home and right into Clayton's trap. After being captured and tortured (Clayton cuts off the tip of one of Mikey's fingers), Mikey fights back and defeats Clayton's goons. Clayton overpowers Mikey and is about to kill him when he is shot by his own son. Mikey tells Vicki and Anthony to wait outside, and Mikey kills all of Clayton's men. Mikey then looks at Clayton, asks him if he was proud of Anthony, and shoots him.

Mikey, Vicki, and Anthony drive off down the road. Anthony ask Mikey if he is his son, Mikey replies that he is. Mikey also cautions Anthony to watch out for people like Clayton and his men; the boy responds, "We'll kill 'em."

Release Dates:

DVD : 2006-11-07