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Simba (1955)

aka Simba

Directed By: 
Details: 99 mins · English


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Small Alan Howard
Small Inspector Drummond
Small Mary Crawford
No_movie_poster Mr. Crawford
Small Mrs. Crawford
No_movie_poster Doctor Hughes
Small Karanja
No_movie_poster Headman
No_movie_poster Kimani
No_movie_poster Waweru
No_movie_poster Joshua
No_movie_poster Chege
No_movie_poster Mundati
No_movie_poster Thakla
No_movie_poster Settler at Meeting
No_movie_poster Colonel Bridgeman
No_movie_poster African Inspector


No_movie_poster Geoffrey Unsworth Cinematography
No_movie_poster Peter De Sarigny Producer
No_movie_poster Brian Desmond Hurst Director
No_movie_poster John Baines Screenplay
No_movie_poster Anthony Perry Novel
No_movie_poster Francis Chagrin Music


Alan Howard (Dirk Bogarde) visits Kenya to see his brother, who he discovers has been murdered by Mau Mau.