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Singularity (2017)


"Resist. Fight. Unite."

Directed By: 
Details: 92 mins


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No_movie_poster Andrew Davis
Small Elias Van Dorne
Small Damien Walsh
No_movie_poster Veronica Davis


No_movie_poster Robert Kouba Director
No_movie_poster Robert Kouba Writer
No_movie_poster Robert Kouba Story
No_movie_poster Sebastian Cepeda Story


"Resist. Fight. Unite."


In 2020, robotics company C.E.O. Elias VanDorne reveals Kronos, the supercomputer he has invented to end all war. Kronos decides that mankind is responsible for all war, and it tries to use robots to kill all humans. VanDorne and Damien Walsh, a colleague, upload themselves into Kronos and watch the destruction. Ninety-seven years later, Andrew, a kind-hearted young man, wakes up in a ruined world. VanDorne and Walsh, still in Kronos, watch Andrew meet Calia, a teenage girl who seeks the last human settlement, the Aurora. Though Calia is first reluctant to let Andrew accompany her, the two later fall in love.

Andrew shows superhuman strength and resilience when marauders attack the party, and the morning after the ambush, Calia finds machinery in one of Andrew's wounds. Calia abandons Andrew. The two are then captured and brought to Walsh, who tells them that Andrew, the first in a new generation of machines, was designed to kill any remaining humans. Andrew the machine has his long-dead eponym's memories, which Walsh makes Andrew search for clues about Aurora’s location. Andrew instead envisions his mother, Veronica, who reminds him that he's still her loving son. This helps Andrew the machine identify with his eponymous self. Andrew overrides Walsh's program and escapes with Calia.

Andrew and Calia spot the lights of what they believe to be Aurora, but only find a robot city. Damien concludes that Aurora was a myth after all, ordering his robot drones to kill them and all remaining humans, having kept the few scavengers and marauders alive only to follow them to Aurora. As the robots start carpet bombing the few remaining humans, Andrew and Calia flee underground, finding a high-tech room. Reacting to the presence of a human, the room reveals itself to be the control room of a space ship which sets course for Aurora - a distant planet rather than an Earth based settlement. With Kronos' bombs approaching, Andrew and Calia activate the ship's hyperdrive to escape despite the threat that when they reach Aurora, the humans there will destroy Andrew due to his robotic nature.

Now possessing the location of Aurora, Elias betrays and kills Damien. Andrew and Calia arrive at Aurora which proves to be a lush planet with futuristic cities. In a voiceover, Calia proclaims that Kronos will come after Aurora, but that with Andrew, a machine that may be more human than anyone else, they stand a chance. Watching a massive fleet launching towards Aurora, Elias proclaims that the last of humanity will face their fate once he reaches Aurora.