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Six Bridges to Cross (1955)

aka Six Bridges to Cross

Directed By: 
Details: 96 mins · English


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Small Jerry Florea
Small Edward Gallagher
Small Ellen Gallagher
Small Vincent Concannon
Small Jerry as a boy
No_movie_poster Andy Norris
No_movie_poster Skids Radzevich
No_movie_poster Red Flanagan
No_movie_poster Mr. Sanborn
No_movie_poster Mr. Sherman
No_movie_poster Father Bonelli
Small Angie


Small Joseph Pevney Director
No_movie_poster Sydney Boehm Screenplay
No_movie_poster Joseph F. Dinneen Story
No_movie_poster Aaron Rosenberg Production


Jerry Florea (Tony Curtis) is planning a heist. The story begins with the events which led a young Florea (Sal Mineo) to become a crook. One day he is shot during a robbery and as a result an ameniable policeman and his wife take him under their wing. As a young man he deludes them, and pretends to no longer have criminal intent and even gets a job at the Brinks. They are unaware he is preparing to rob the establishment. It is only after he and his gang pull off the heist that Florea reconsiders his actions and attempts to make amends for the crime.