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South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (1999)

aka South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut


Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 81 mins · English · R (USA)


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Just find the clitoris.

An excellent commentary on free speech. Funny, too.

420 chars remaining..!!

One of the most offensive things I've ever seen--on the tip of the iceberg is the homophobia and misogyny--and that's the tip. Never again.

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Classic South Park

Irreverent as usual. Nothing is sacred, not even the bowels of hell. La Resistance!

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Small Stan Marsh
Small Kyle Broflovski
No_movie_poster Liane Cartman
Small Chef
Small Dr. Gouache
Small Conan O'Brien
Small Brooke Shields
Small The Baldwin Brothers
Small Jimbo Kern
Small Gerald Broflovski
Small Bill Gates
No_movie_poster Ms. Cartman
No_movie_poster Sheila Broflovski
No_movie_poster Sharon Marsh
No_movie_poster Wendy Testaburger
Small Terrance Henry Stoot
Small Dr. Vosknocker
Small The Wizard
Small Kenny McCormick
Small Randy Marsh
Small Eric Cartman
Small Satan
Small Mr. Garrison
Small Phillip Niles Argyle


Small Scott Rudin Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Marc Shaiman Music
No_movie_poster Adam Schroeder Executive Producer
Small Trey Parker Director
Small Matt Stone Author
Small Pam Brady Author
No_movie_poster Frank C. Agnone II Producer
Small James Hetfield Music
No_movie_poster John Venzon Editor
Small Trey Parker Production
Small Matt Stone Production
Small Trey Parker Other
Small Trey Parker Story Contributor
Small Matt Stone Story Contributor
No_movie_poster John Venzon Editing



"It's not just another day in the park."

"All Hell Breaks Loose"

"Uh oh."

"Warning: This movie will warp your fragile little minds."

"Uh-Oh, The Critics Love It!"


The film opens with the main protagonists, Stan Marsh, Kenny McCormick, Kyle Broflovski, and Eric Cartman on their way to the local movie theater to see the new movie 'Terrance and Phillip: Asses of Fire' which stars the boys' favorite Canadian comedy duo Terrance and Phillip. The boys weren't allowed in the movie due to the film being rated R by MPAA, but were able to get in by paying a homeless man to buy them tickets. After watching the film the boys learn new words from the movie, which causes the other kids in town to see the picture. Meanwhile, Stan finds out that his love interest, Wendy, is hanging out with a well-educated boy named Gregory. After asking Chef for advice, he tells him to find the clitoris, which Stan does not understand and decides to find it throughout the film. The kids of South Park Elementary School begin badmouthing in class, and Kyle, Cartman, Kenny and Stan are sent to Counselor Mackey's office, where he informs their parents. Learning that the language was from the movie, the parents force the teachers to abandon their previous lesson plans and run a rehabilitation center for the kids to get them to stop swearing. After rehab, the boys and the rest of the children see the movie again. After Kenny dies as the result of lighting his fart on fire like in the movie (and doctors accidentally replacing his heart with a baked potato), the boys are grounded, Kenny is sent to Hell where he meets Satan and Saddam Hussein who are gay lovers, the parents of South Park boycott Terrance and Phillip and Sheila (Kyle's mom) has Terrance and Phillip taken to custody while being interviewed by Conan O'Brien for corrupting the minds of America's children.

In response to the duo's arrest, Canada strikes back by bombing the house of the Baldwin Brothers. Cartman begins to curse offensively toward Sheila by singing that she is a "big fat bitch". Sheila learns of this and Cartman is forced to be implanted with a V-Chip by Dr. Vosknocker which will shock Cartman every time he swears. Sheila and President Bill Clinton reveal on national news their plans to go to war with Canada in response to the killing of the Baldwins and to have Terrance and Phillip executed at a USO show. Meanwhile, Satan thinks that the war is a sign to invade Earth, and if the blood of the two Canadians touches American soil, it will be time for him to rise up. Saddam wants to come with him, but Satan is tired of being bossed around by Saddam. Kenny tells Satan to break up with Saddam to which Satan initially agrees, but Saddam wins back Satan with a song. Kenny haunts Cartman as a ghost and tells him that Satan and Saddam Hussein plan to come to Earth and for Cartman to warn everybody. The boys, failing to convince their parents to stop their act, have a secret meeting to talk about how they can save Terrance and Phillip themselves. They form La Resistance and Gregory tells Stan to meet with a French mercenary kid named The Mole to help them infiltrate the location of the USO show.

La Resistance and The Mole infiltrate the USO show, but The Mole is killed by guard dogs after Cartman accidentally sabotages the attempt to sneak in and save the comedy duo. It is up to everyone else to save Terrance and Phillip and Cartman's V-Chip malfunctions due to a power surge. The kids save Terrance and Phillip, but the Canadians unexpectedly show up and a bloody battle ensues. The other moms decide to stop what they are doing, seeing as what they and their Mothers Against Canada organization started and head off to look for their sons. Stan finds the clitoris (an omnipotent entity that looks like a clitoris) in the woods who tells him to be confident in order to win back Wendy's love, who then leaves Gregory and comes back for Stan. As Terrance and Phillip are cornered by the US army, La Resistance stands in the way and Kyle confidentially persuades to put an end to this misery. Sheila instead shoots Terrance and Phillip which results in Satan and Saddam Hussein rising from the ground. After Saddam intends to rule the world for himself, Cartman is able to stop him by using his malfunctioning V-Chip to blast electric bolts from his head every time he swears. Satan finally kills Saddam when he gets fed up with all the abuse, throwing him back to Hell to be impaled by a stalagmite and brings Kenny back from Hell and thanks him, telling him that he can have any wish in repaying him for encouraging him to kill Saddam. Kenny wishes for everything to return to normal, albeit it means he will remain dead. All deceased characters are brought back to life due to the wish, including Terrance and Phillip. Kenny is sent to Heaven due to this act, the war has ended, the Canadians and Americans become friends again, Wendy becomes Stan's girlfriend, and everything returns to normal.

In a post-credits scene, Ike is shown again back at the attic where Kyle earlier concealed him from the Canadians, waiting for his family to return, and eats a rat that approaches by.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 1999-06-30 : United States of America

DVD : 1999-11-23