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Spirited Away (2001)

aka Spirited Away

"The tunnel led Chihiro to a mysterious town..."

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 125 mins · Japanese · PG (USA)


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Small Chihiro
No_movie_poster Haku
Small Yubaba
No_movie_poster Chihiro's Father
No_movie_poster Chihiro's Mother
Small Aogaeru
Small Bôh
No_movie_poster Lin
No_movie_poster Bandai-gaeru
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Small Hayao Miyazaki Director
No_movie_poster Joe Hisaishi Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Toshio Suzuki Producer
No_movie_poster Takeshi Seyama Editor
No_movie_poster Shinji Hashimoto Animation
No_movie_poster Yasuyoshi Tokuma Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Atsushi Okui Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Norobu Yoshida Production Design
No_movie_poster Yôji Takeshige Art Direction
No_movie_poster Kaori Fujii Animation
No_movie_poster Naoya Furukawa Animation
No_movie_poster Makiko Futaki Animation
No_movie_poster Hideyoshi Hamatsu Animation
No_movie_poster Takeshi Imamura Animation
No_movie_poster Kuniyuki Ishii Animation
No_movie_poster Donald W. Ernst Production
Small Hayao Miyazaki Writer


"The tunnel led Chihiro to a mysterious town..."


Ten-year-old Chihiro Ogino and her parents are traveling to their new home when her father takes a wrong turn. Thinking that they have found an abandoned amusement park, her father insists on exploring and they cross a dry riverbed. While Chihiro's parents eat at an empty restaurant stall, Chihiro finds an exquisite bathhouse. She meets a young boy, Haku, who warns her to return across the river before sunset. However, Chihiro discovers too late that her parents have turned into pigs and she is unable to cross the flooded river, becoming trapped in the spirit world.

After finding Chihiro, Haku has her ask for a job from the bathhouse's boiler-man, Kamaji, a spider y?kai commanding the susuwatari. Kamaji and the worker Lin send Chihiro to the witch Yubaba, who runs the bathhouse. Yubaba gives Chihiro a job but renames her Sen (??). While visiting her parents' pigpen, Sen finds a goodbye card addressed to Chihiro and realizes that she has already forgotten her name. Haku warns her that Yubaba controls people by taking their names and that if she forgets hers like he has forgotten his, she will not be able to leave the spirit world. While working, Sen invites a silent masked creature named No-Face inside, believing him to be a customer. A 'putrid spirit' arrives and is Sen's first customer. She discovers he is the spirit of a polluted river. In gratitude for cleaning him, he gives Sen a magic emetic dumpling. Meanwhile No-Face tempts a worker with gold, then swallows him. He demands food and begins tipping extensively. As the workers swarm him hoping to be tipped, he swallows yet another two greedy workers.

Sen discovers paper shikigami attacking a dragon and recognizes it as Haku transformed. When a grievously-injured Haku crashes into Yubaba's penthouse, Sen follows him upstairs. When she reaches Haku, a shikigami that stowed away on her back transforms into Zeniba, Yubaba's twin sister. She transforms Yubaba's baby son Boh into a mouse, creates a decoy baby and turns Yubaba's bird creature into a tiny bee. Zeniba tells Sen that Haku has stolen a magic gold seal from her, and warns Sen that it carries a deadly curse. After Haku dives to the boiler room with Sen and Boh on his back, she feeds him part of the dumpling, causing him to vomit both the seal and a black slug, which Sen crushes under-foot.

With Haku unconscious, Sen resolves to return the seal and apologize for Haku. Before she leaves the bathhouse, Sen confronts No-Face, who is now massive, and feeds him the rest of the dumpling. Vomiting, No-Face chases Sen out of the bathhouse before returning to his normal size. Sen, No-Face and Boh travel to see Zeniba. Enraged at the damage caused by No-Face, Yubaba blames Sen for inviting him in and orders that her parents be slaughtered. After Haku reveals that Boh is missing, Yubaba promises to free Sen and her parents in exchange for Haku retrieving Boh and after testing Sen's sincerity one final time.

Sen, No-Face and Boh arrive at Zeniba's house. Zeniba, now the benevolent "Granny," reveals that Sen's love for Haku broke her curse, and that Yubaba had used the black slug to control Haku. Haku appears in his dragon form and flies both Sen and Boh back to the bathhouse. On the way back, Sen recalls a memory from her youth in which she had fallen into the Kohaku River but was washed safely ashore. After correctly guessing that Haku is the spirit of the Kohaku River (and thus revealing his real name), Haku is completely freed from Yubaba's control. When they arrive at the bathhouse, Yubaba tells Sen that in order to break the curse on her parents, she must identify them from among a group of pigs. After Sen correctly states that none of the pigs are her parents, Sen is given back her real name Chihiro. Haku takes Chihiro to the now dry riverbed and vows to meet her again. Chihiro crosses the river and reunites with her restored parents, who do not remember what happened. They walk back to their car and drive off.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 2002-06-28 : South Korea

Theatrical : 2002-09-20 : United States of America

Theatrical : 2002-09-25 : Belgium

Theatrical : 2001-07-20 : Japan

Theatrical : 2002-10-25 : Spain

Theatrical : 2001-12-13 : Hong Kong

Theatrical : 2001-12-28 : Taiwan

Theatrical : 2002-04-10 : France

Theatrical : 2001-12-20 : Singapore

Theatrical : 2002-12-12 : Australia

Theatrical : 2002-11-07 : Malaysia

Theatrical : 2002-11-29 : Finland

Theatrical : 2002-12-03 : Cuba

Theatrical : 2003-02-13 : Slovenia

Theatrical : 2003-03-27 : Switzerland

Theatrical : 2003-03-06 : Guyana

Theatrical : 2003-03-06 : Hungary

Theatrical : 2003-04-04 : Poland

Theatrical : 2003-01-24 : Norway

Theatrical : 2003-03-28 : United States of America

Theatrical : 2003-04-03 : Czech Republic

Theatrical : 2003-02-28 : Portugal

Theatrical : 2003-03-07 : Estonia

Theatrical : 2003-04-24 : Netherlands

Theatrical : 2003-04-30 : Belgium

Theatrical : 2003-04-10 : Netherlands

Theatrical : 2003-04-25 : Lithuania

Theatrical : 2003-04-10 : Switzerland

Theatrical : 2003-04-18 : Italy

Theatrical : 2003-09-05 : Greece

Theatrical : 2003-07-18 : Brazil

Theatrical : 2003-09-12 : Ireland

Theatrical : 2003-09-12 : United Kingdom

Theatrical : 2003-08-13 : Peru

Theatrical : 2003-07-20 : Chile

Theatrical : 2003-07-17 : Argentina

Theatrical : 2003-09-12 : Mexico

Theatrical : 2003-06-26 : Israel

Theatrical : 2003-08-06 : Venezuela

Theatrical : 2003-09-19 : Sweden

Theatrical : 2003-06-19 : Germany

Theatrical : 2003-06-20 : Austria

Theatrical : 2004-06-18 : Turkey

Theatrical : 2003-12-22 : Iceland

Theatrical : 2003-11-07 : Colombia

Theatrical : 2004-01-14 : Bahrain

Theatrical : 2003-09-25 : Slovakia

Theatrical : 2004-01-09 : Panama

Theatrical : 2003-09-30 : Croatia

Theatrical : 2005-02-02 : Kuwait

Theatrical : 2003-10-10 : Denmark

Theatrical : 2004-01-11 : Ecuador

2002-09-30 : Brazil

2002-06-29 : Russia

2002-09-21 : Finland

2002-04-20 : United States of America

2002-10-09 : Hungary

2002-10-11 : Spain

2002-08-31 : United States of America

2002-02-09 : Germany

2002-09-07 : Canada

2002-11-06 : Canada

2002-11-10 : Greece

2003-01-24 : Czech Republic

2003-04-29 : Norway

2003-07-11 : United Kingdom

2003-09-21 : South Korea

2003-09-29 : Denmark