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Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982)

aka Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

"At the end of the universe lies the beginning of vengeance."

Directed By: 
Details: 113 mins · English · PG (USA)


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Not my favorite Star Trek movie

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No_movie_poster Peter Preston
Small Captain Spock
Small Dr. Leonard McCoy
Small Montgomery Scott
Small Cmdr. Hikaru Sulu
Small Cmdr. Uhura
Small Cmdr. Pavel Chekov
Small Khan Noonien Singh
No_movie_poster Dr. Carol Marcus
Small Dr. David Marcus
Small Lt. Saavik
Small Captain Clark Terrell
Small Admiral James T. Kirk


Small James Horner Original Music Composer
Small Nicholas Meyer Director
No_movie_poster Robert Sallin Producer
No_movie_poster Jack B. Sowards Screenplay
No_movie_poster John Newton Additional Soundtrack
No_movie_poster Gayne Rescher Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Michael Minor Art Direction
No_movie_poster Charles Graffeo Set Decoration
No_movie_poster Robert Fletcher Costume Design
No_movie_poster Joseph R. Jennings Production Design
No_movie_poster Mary V. Buck Casting
No_movie_poster William Paul Dornisch Editor
Small Nicholas Meyer Writer
Small Harve Bennett Story Contributor
No_movie_poster Jack B. Sowards Story Contributor
No_movie_poster Samuel A. Peeples Story Contributor
No_movie_poster William Paul Dornisch Editing


"At the end of the universe lies the beginning of vengeance."


Lieutenant Saavik (Kirstie Alley) is in command of the starship USS Enterprise. The vessel is on a rescue mission to save the crew of a damaged ship in the Neutral Zone along the border with Klingon space when it is attacked by Klingon cruisers and critically damaged. The "attack" is revealed to be a simulator training exercise known as the "Kobayashi Maru"; a no-win scenario designed to test the character of Starfleet officers. Admiral James T. Kirk oversees the simulator session of Captain Spock's trainees. Celebrating his birthday, Kirk is later joined for drinks by Dr. McCoy, who advises him to get a new command and not waste his career behind a desk.

The USS Reliant is on a mission to search for a lifeless planet for testing of the Genesis Device, a torpedo designed to reorganize matter to create habitable worlds for colonization; however, the device can also destroy planets. Reliant officers Commander Pavel Chekov and Captain Clark Terrell beam down to the surface of a possible candidate planet, Ceti Alpha V, where they are captured by genetically engineered tyrant Khan Noonien Singh. The Enterprise discovered Khan's ship adrift in space fifteen years previously; Kirk exiled Khan and his fellow supermen from 20th century Earth to Ceti Alpha V. Khan reveals that after they were marooned, Ceti Alpha VI exploded, destroying Ceti Alpha V's ecosystem and shifting its orbit. Khan blames Kirk for the death of his wife and plans to avenge her. He implants Chekov and Terrell with indigenous, mind-controlling eels that enter the ears of their victims and uses the officers to gain control of the Reliant. Learning of Genesis, Khan attacks Space Station Regula I where the device is being developed by Kirk's former lover, Dr. Carol Marcus, and their son, David.

The Enterprise embarks on a three-week training voyage under the command of Captain Spock. Kirk assumes command of the Enterprise after the ship receives a distress call from Regula I and goes on active duty. En route, the Enterprise is ambushed by the Reliant. The attack cripples the Enterprise and many of its trainees are either injured or killed. A transmission between the two ships reveals Khan knows of the Genesis Device and demands that all the information related to the project be sent to him. Kirk stalls for time and uses Reliant's prefix code to remotely lower their shields, allowing the Enterprise to counter-attack. Khan is forced to retreat and effect repairs, while the Enterprise limps to Regula I. Kirk, McCoy, and Saavik beam to the station where they find Terrell and Chekov along with slaughtered members of the Genesis Project team. The team finds the remaining scientists, including Carol and David, hidden deep inside the planetoid of Regula. Using Terrell and Chekov as spies, Khan transports the Genesis Device aboard Reliant and then orders them to kill Kirk; Terrell resists the eel's influence and kills himself while Chekov collapses in agony. Though Khan believes his foe stranded on Regula I, Kirk and Spock use a coded message to arrange a rendezvous. Kirk then directs the Enterprise into the nearby Mutara Nebula; static discharges from the nebula render both ships' defensive shields useless and compromise targeting systems, making the Enterprise and Reliant evenly matched. Kirk exploits Khan's inexperience in space combat to critically disable the Reliant.

Mortally wounded, Khan activates the Genesis Device, which will reorganize all matter in the nebula including the Enterprise. Though Kirk's crew detects the activation of the Genesis Device and the Enterprise attempts to move out of range using impulse engines, with the warp drive damaged they will not be able to escape the nebula in time. Spock leaves the bridge and goes to the engine room to restore the warp drive. When McCoy tries to prevent Spock's exposure to high levels of radiation, he incapacitates the doctor with a Vulcan nerve pinch and then performs a mind meld, telling him to "Remember". Spock restores power to the warp drive and the Enterprise escapes the explosion. Kirk arrives in the engine room, where Spock dies of radiation poisoning. The explosion of the Genesis Device causes the gas in the nebula to reform into a new planet, capable of sustaining life. A space burial is held in the Enterprise's torpedo room and Spock's coffin is shot into orbit around the newly formed planet. The crew leaves the planet to pick up the Reliant's marooned crew from Ceti Alpha V. Spock's coffin, having soft-landed, rests on the planet surface.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 1982-06-04 : United States of America

Theatrical : 1982-07-16 : United Kingdom

Theatrical : 1982-07-29 : Netherlands

Theatrical : 1982-08-12 : Argentina

Theatrical : 1982-08-13 : Australia

Theatrical : 1982-08-27 : Denmark

Theatrical : 1982-10-20 : France

Theatrical : 1982-10-29 : Belgium

Theatrical : 1982-10-29 : Finland

Theatrical : 1982-10-29 : Portugal

Theatrical : 1982-11-04 : West Germany

Theatrical : 1982-12-19 : Spain

Theatrical : 1983-01-21 : Sweden

Theatrical : 1983-02-26 : Japan

Theatrical : 1983-05-27 : Norway

DVD : 2000-07-11

DVD : 2009-09-22

2010-02-11 : Canada

2012-06-16 : United States of America