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Starcrash (1979)

aka Starcrash

Directed By: 
Details: 94 mins · English, Italiano


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Better than Abrams

Yeah.....yeah.....Ok for serious, this is a Corman flick so if you're reading this you already know what to expect. Its goofy, its fun, space amazons, David Hasselhoff. In the end I stand by this title though, I have more love for a crapy incoherent mess of a movie that is original, light hearted, and gives not a crap in its pandering for a dollar over the multimillion dollar re-hash of A New Hope: Millennial REEEEEMIX. Why you may say? Because HP didn't just try to sell me a notebook with Caroline Munroe plastered all over it. Which, for the record would have sold me on a notebook quicker than Emo Darth Ren.

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Small Akton
Small Stella Star
Small The Emperor
Small Simon
No_movie_poster Thor
Small Count Zarth Arn
No_movie_poster Corelia, Queen of the Amazons
No_movie_poster Elle / Jiakta
Small Elle (voice: English version)
No_movie_poster Amazon Woman
No_movie_poster Amazon Woman
No_movie_poster Neanderthal Man
No_movie_poster Jiakta
No_movie_poster Elle
Small Stella Star
No_movie_poster Prisoner


No_movie_poster Nat Wachsberger Screenplay
No_movie_poster Luigi Cozzi Director
No_movie_poster Nat Wachsberger Production
No_movie_poster Patrick Wachsberger Production
No_movie_poster Luigi Cozzi Writer
No_movie_poster Sergio Montanari Editing


In a distant galaxy, a starship searches for the evil Count Zarth Arn. The ship is attacked by a mysterious weapon which drives the crew insane causing them to kill each other.

Meanwhile, outlaw smuggler Stella Star and her sidekick Akton run into the Imperial Space Police led by robot sheriff Elle. Akton and Stella escape by jumping into hyperspace. Later, they discover an escape pod from the attacked starship, in it is a last survivor. They are suddenly apprehended by the police who tracked their hyperspace trail.

Tried, convicted and found guilty of piracy, they are sentenced to life in prison. Stella creates a diversion and escape the prison. Police Chief Thor recaptures her and she is taken to an orbiting ship, where she is reunited with Akton. They are contacted by the Emperor of the Galaxy, who thanks them for recovering the starship survivor. They are offered clemency, if they help find three more missing escape pods, one of which contains the Emperor's son.

The Emperor is in a feud with Count Zarth Arn, who has a secret weapon hidden away. WA weapon he can use to take over the galaxy. With Chief Thor and Elle accompanying them, the Emperor orders Stella and Akton to find the Count's weapon, as well as rescue his son. Stella and Akton travel to many systems trying to find the pods and the Emperor's son.

On a jungle world, Stella is abducted by Amazonian warriors, who shoot Elle, leaving him for dead. But Elle can't die and he makes his way to the throne room of Corelia, Queen of the Amazons, taking her hostage to secure Stella's release. they're are chased by a giant robot, but are rescued by Akton and Thor.

On a frozen planet, Stella and Elle investigate the second escape pod crash site, but find no survivors. they do discover, however, that Thor is a spy for the Count. Thor subdues Akton and traps Stella and Elle outside where he knows they will freeze to death. Akton revives and kills Thor, but the sun has already set and the planet's surface is frozen solid. Elle keeps Stella alive by putting her in suspended animation. The next morning, Akton is to bring Elle and frozen Stella back onto the ship, where she is thawed out.

On the planet of the third escape pod, they also find the Count's secret weapon. They are attacked by barbarian tribesmen who hack Elle to pieces and abduct Stella. She escapes and flees to a nearby cave where she meets a man in a golden mask who rescues her. He is revealed to be the Emperor's son, Simon. Akton arrives and starts a lightsaber duel with Simon, unaware of his identity. Simon proves his relation to the Emperor and the trio set off to find the Count's secret weapon.

Arriving at an underground laboratory, the three by captured by the guards. The Count reveals his plan to use them as bait to bring the Emperor to the planet. The Count will then have his weapon self-destruct, destroying the planet. Meanwhile, he escapes to conquer the Emperor's homeworld. The Count leaves, ordering two bodyguard robots to keep the group there. Akton engages them in a duel, but is mortally wounded. The Emperor arrives at the planet, but is aware that the whole thing is mined with nuclear bombs. He uses a device to block the detonation timers for three minutes, giving Stella and Simon a chance to get back to their ship.

Stella stands with the Emperor on his flagship, watching a huge battle between his armada and the Count's space station. The Count also attacks the Emperor's homeworld, but the attack is a failure. The Emperor's soldiers storm the space station, but are stopped short by Count's reinforcements.

With no option left, the Emperor decides to collide his space stations into the Count's, destroying them both. Stella and Elle volunteer to steer an abandoned station into the Count's and destroy it. Stella and Elle manage to escape just as their station crashes into the Count's, finally winning the war.

Stella and Elle are picked up the Emperor's son Simon. He is happy Stella survived and asks her to marry him.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 1979-08-28 : Philippines

Theatrical : Italy

Theatrical : 1978-12-21 : West Germany

Theatrical : 1979-03-30 : Finland

Theatrical : 1980-09-08 : Turkey

Theatrical : 1979-03-09 : United States of America

Theatrical : 1979-08-30 : Mexico