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Station West (1948)

aka Station West

"A STRANGER IN TOWN...WHERE STRANGERS WEREN'T WELCOME!...and he found out a gal double-crossed is Deadly as Poison!"

Directed By: 
Details: 87 mins · English


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Small Lt. John Martin Haven
Small Charlie
Small Mrs. Mary Caslon
Small Hotel Clerk
Small Captain George Iles
No_movie_poster Prince
Small Lt. Stellman
Small Mick Marion
Small Lawyer Mark Bristow
Small Jim Goddard
No_movie_poster Cook at Logging Camp (as Olin Howlin)
No_movie_poster Sam- the Deaf Pianist
No_movie_poster Whitey
Small Pete
No_movie_poster Ben
Small Bartender
Small Sheriff


No_movie_poster Robert Sparks Producer
No_movie_poster Harry J. Wild Director of Photography
Small Frank Fenton Screenplay
No_movie_poster Dore Schary Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Heinz Roemheld Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Winston Miller Screenplay
No_movie_poster Sidney Lanfield Director
No_movie_poster Luke Short Novel


"A STRANGER IN TOWN...WHERE STRANGERS WEREN'T WELCOME!...and he found out a gal double-crossed is Deadly as Poison!"


Two soldiers have been robbed and murdered while guarding a shipment of gold. Into town rides Haven, a military intelligence officer traveling incognito.

A beautiful saloon singer catches Haven's eye. After he meets Mrs. Caslon, who owns the gold mine, Haven hears that someone called "Charlie" is the brains behind the scene. He finds out to his surprise that Charlie is the singer.

Charlie's lawyer, Bristow, is $6,000 in her debt and therefore might be involved in the gold theft. Haven beats up Charlie's saloon bouncer in a fight and is offered a job as transport chief for the gold. Charlie's friend, Prince, meanwhile, is growing jealous of her interest in Haven.

While transporting a shipment of gold, the man riding shotgun, Goddard, is killed and Haven knocked cold. When he comes to, he manages to catch and kill the robber carrying the gold, and follows the man's horses to discovers that he was headed for the saw-mill owned by Charlie. Haven pretends to be an ignorant hand working for Charlie, and is charged with transporting the gold back to town to Charlie and Prince.

He hides the gold, and confronts Prince and Charlie. After some to-ing and fro-ing with the gold and statement dictated to Bristow by Haven, Charlie convinces Bristow that he ought to confront Haven. Haven convinces him rather that he is the next target of Prince and Charlie as he knows too much. Bristow, terrified, tries to get away but is shot by Prince. Haven is pinned down, but after persuading the sheriff to arrest him for the crime, Haven escapes, and learns that Charlie's men plan to disguise themselves as military officers to steal more of Mrs. Caslon's gold.

He foils this plot, then arrives back at the saloon, to arrest Charlie, but also because he is in love with her. Prince sneaks up intending to shoot Haven, but his bullet hits Charlie instead. Haven kills Prince and rushes to Charlie's side. She tells Haven she loves him before dying, and he that he loves her.

He rides away as Burl Ives sings that a man can't grow old where there's women and gold.