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Strategic Command (1997)

aka Strategic Command

"40,000,000 lives at stake."

Details: 90 mins · English · R (USA)


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Small Rick Harding
Small Carlos Gruber
No_movie_poster The President
Small Jack Haynes
No_movie_poster Vlos
Small Vice President Charles Baker
No_movie_poster Dino
Small Captain Rattner
Small Michelle Harding
No_movie_poster Dr. Rick Harding
Small Rowan
No_movie_poster Ernie Wells


No_movie_poster Rick Jacobson Director
No_movie_poster Rick Jacobson Director
No_movie_poster Ashok Amritraj Production
Small Andrew Stevens Production
No_movie_poster Sean McGinly Writer
No_movie_poster Tripp Reed Writer
No_movie_poster Barry Zetlin Editing


"40,000,000 lives at stake."


Rick Hardden (Michael Dudikoff) is a former Marines officer, now working in the FBI as a chemical weapons designer as part of his retirement from the Marines. While packing up for the night at FBI research lab, a group of armed soldiers break into the lab and steal large amounts of a newly-created germ warfare isotope called Bromax-360, losing two of their men in the process. Rick manages to fight their leader in an elevator, but is badly beaten up as the leader regroups with his men and the soldiers escape into the night and hijacks a 747.

Release Dates:

Video : 1997-01-06 : United States of America

Video : 1997-07-30 : Hungary

Video : 1998-01-13 : Iceland