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Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (1927)

aka Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans

Directed By:  ,
Details: 94 mins · English, Silent film


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Small The Man (Anses)
Small The Wife (Indre)
Small The Woman from the City
No_movie_poster The Maid
No_movie_poster The Photographer
No_movie_poster The Barber
No_movie_poster The Manicure Gir
No_movie_poster The Obtrusive Gentleman
No_movie_poster The Obliging Gentleman
No_movie_poster Manager of Hair Salon
Small Angry driver


No_movie_poster Carl Mayer Screenplay
No_movie_poster Timothy Brock Original Music Composer
Small F.W. Murnau Director
Small Hermann Sudermann Author
No_movie_poster William Fox Producer
No_movie_poster Hugo Riesenfeld Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Charles Rosher Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Karl Struss Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Harold D. Schuster Editor
No_movie_poster Rochus Gliese Art Direction
Small Herman Bing Director
No_movie_poster Frank Williams Special Effects
Small Hermann Sudermann Story Contributor
No_movie_poster Harold D. Schuster Editing


A vacationing Woman from the City (Margaret Livingston) lingers in a lakeside town for weeks. After dark, she goes to a farmhouse where the Man (George O'Brien) and the Wife (Janet Gaynor) live with their child. She whistles from the fence outside. The Man is torn, but finally departs, leaving his wife with the memories of better times when they were deeply in love.

The man and woman meet in the moonlight and kiss passionately. She wants him to sell his farm—which hasn't done well recently—to join her in the city. When she suggests that he solve the problem of his wife by drowning her, he throttles her violently, but even that dissolves in a passionate embrace. The Woman gathers bundles of reeds so that when the boat is overturned, the Man can stay afloat.

Release Dates:

DVD : 2008-12-09