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Surf II (1984)

aka Surf II

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 91 mins · English


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No_movie_poster Fat Boy #2
No_movie_poster Sparkle
No_movie_poster Chuck's Dad
No_movie_poster Chuck's Mom
Small Chief Boyardie
Small Daddy O
No_movie_poster Mrs. O'Finlay
No_movie_poster Bob's Father
No_movie_poster Jacko O'Finlay
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No_movie_poster Fat Boy #1
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No_movie_poster Randall M. Badat Director
No_movie_poster George G. Braunstein Production
No_movie_poster Randall M. Badat Writer
No_movie_poster Jacqueline Cambas Editing


Long ago in "The Good Old Days", surfers ruled. It was bitchin'! That was before the threat of chemical pollution, nuclear waste and the horror of Buzzz Cola.

Menlo Schwartzer was a high school genius who hated surfers. He invented a weird soft drink, involved local businessmen and set out to rule the coast. He nearly succeeded. This is the story of Buzzz Cola and Menlo's revenge.

Deep in his secret underwater laboratory, teenage mad scientist Menlo Schwartzer plots to rid the beaches of his greatest enemies: surfers. Having been driven to revenge following a cruel practical joke gone awry, Menlo concocts an addictive chemical agent which turns its drinkers into mutated, garbage-ingesting zombie punks. With the reluctant help of his girlfriend Sparkle and a pair of greedy, cigar-chomping soda businessmen, Menlo distributes the chemical under the guise of "Buzzz Cola", and one by one begins to build an army of brainless zombie slaves to do his bidding.

After several of their friends fall victim to Buzzz Cola, airheaded surfer dudes Chuck and Bob begin to piece together the parts of Menlo's evil scheme. Finding no help from their spaced-out parents or the bumbling efforts of the local police force, the two enlist the services of their eccentric science teacher and vow to stop Menlo for good, or else they won't be able to compete in the big surf contest this weekend.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 1984-10-19 : Finland

Theatrical : United States of America