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Sweethearts (1938)

Sweethearts (1938)

aka Sweethearts

"America's Singing Sweethearts are Sweethearts!"

Details: 114 mins · English


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Small Gwen Marlowe
Small Ernest Lane
Small Felix Lehman
Small Hans


No_movie_poster Dorothy Parker Screenplay
No_movie_poster Alan Campbell Screenplay
No_movie_poster W.S. Van Dyke Director
Small Robert Z. Leonard Director
No_movie_poster Hunt Stromberg Production


"America's Singing Sweethearts are Sweethearts!"


Broadway stars Gwen Marlow (Jeanette MacDonald) and Ernest Lane (Nelson Eddy) are appearing in a 6-year run of Victor Herbert's operetta Sweethearts (Ray Bolger dances the role of Hans). They are also very much in love after six years of marriage. Norman Trumpett (Reginald Gardiner) is a successful Hollywood talent scout under pressure to recruit Marlow and Lane for his studio, which their Broadway producer Felix Lehman (Frank Morgan) is equally determined to prevent.

The couple's attempts to rest and be together are repeatedly thwarted by professional and personal demands made on their time, talents and money by Lehman and their own theatrical families - who also live with them. Frustrated beyond endurance and seduced by Trumpett's idyllic (and false) description of working conditions in Hollywood, they decide to quit the show and take the Hollywood offer. (In guise of buying a new wardrobe for the trip Jeanette MacDonald models fashions of 1938.)