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Syndicate Sadists (1975)

aka Syndicate Sadists

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 90 mins · Italiano · R (USA)


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Small Paternò
No_movie_poster Maria Scalia
No_movie_poster Conti
No_movie_poster Pino Scalia
No_movie_poster Billiard Salon Owner
No_movie_poster Flora
No_movie_poster Dr. Marco Marsili
No_movie_poster Conti's Mistress
No_movie_poster Philip Duval
No_movie_poster One of Conti's Men
No_movie_poster Signora Marsili
No_movie_poster Commandante Ferrari
No_movie_poster Police Inspector
Small Rambo


No_movie_poster Luciano Martino Producer
No_movie_poster Umberto Lenzi Director
No_movie_poster Vincenzo Mannino Screenplay


Milián plays Rambo, an ex-cop who seeks revenge against two powerful crime families who were responsible for the murder of his friend.