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Terror Squad (1988)

aka Terror Squad

"Qaddafi's hit men descend on Hoosier High... and detention will never be the same."

Directed By: 
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Details: 93 mins · English


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Small Chief Rawlings


No_movie_poster Peter Maris Director
No_movie_poster Peter Maris Production
No_movie_poster Mark Verheiden Writer


"Qaddafi's hit men descend on Hoosier High... and detention will never be the same."


In Libya, a crowd is rallying at an anti-American speech. The crowd excitedly waves rifles and banners, while burning an American effigy. The movie then cuts to Kokomo, Indiana, showing a regular day at the old Kokomo High School (now Central Middle School). Several students are stuck in detention after school.

Four terrorists cross the US-Canadian border, and they attempt to attack the Blackriver Nuclear Power Plant with a car bomb. After this fails, the remaining three escape, pursued by several police cruisers. Chief Rawlings, the Kokomo Police Department police chief, played by Chuck Connors, is radioed, and he and the other officers join the chase. Two terrorists manage to survive and escape to Kokomo High School, where they hold the detention's students and teacher hostage. The Kokomo SWAT team surrounds the school, and Chief Rawlings attempts to negotiate the release of the hostages. Meanwhile, the terrorists kill several hostages that attempt to resist them. Chief Rawlings agrees to the terrorists' demand for a bus so they can get to an airport. The two terrorists drag a girl out with them, and they board the school bus. In the process, a boy running along the roof manages to jump on top of the school bus and tries to get in the bus as the terrorists lead the police on a high-speed car chase.

Eventually, the bus tips over. The lone surviving terrorist attempts kill himself and the girl by pulling the pin on a grenade. The boy knocks him out, and he and the girl manage to escape from the bus before the grenade explodes.

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