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The Black Knight (1954)

aka The Black Knight

Directed By: 
Details: 85 mins · English


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Small John
Small Linet
Small Sir Ontzlake
Small Earl Of Yeonil
Small Sir Palamides
Small King Arthur
No_movie_poster Major Domo
Small King Mark
No_movie_poster Bernard
No_movie_poster The Abbot
No_movie_poster Sir Hal
No_movie_poster The Apprentice
No_movie_poster Queen Guenevere
No_movie_poster Lady Yeonil
No_movie_poster The Woodchopper


No_movie_poster Alec Coppel Screenplay
No_movie_poster Tay Garnett Director
Small Dennis O'Keefe Dialogue
No_movie_poster Bryan Forbes Dialogue
No_movie_poster Albert R. Broccoli Production
No_movie_poster Irving Allen Production


John (Alan Ladd), a blacksmith and swordsmith, is tutored at Camelot. As a commoner, he can't hope to win the hand of Lady Linet (Patricia Medina), daughter of the Earl of Yeoniland (Harry Andrews), so he creates a secret alternate identity as the Black Knight. In this new role, he is now able to help King Arthur when Saracens and Cornish men—disguised as Vikings -- plot to take over the country. However, his thoughts are not only on the protection of England when the good Lady Linet becomes threatened. When conspirators within Camelot plan to use the "Vikings" to overthrow King Arthur, the Black Knight is branded a traitor.