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The Bodyguard (1992)

aka The Bodyguard

"Sexy singer uses protection."

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Details: 129 mins · English · R (USA)


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Besides the massive succes with the soundtrack the thing that makes this better than the average chick-flick is the chemistry between Costner and Houston, too bad they didn't get to more movies together.

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Small Rachel Marron
Small Frank Farmer
No_movie_poster Nicki Marron
Small Herb Farmer
Small Sy Spector
No_movie_poster Bill Devaney
No_movie_poster Greg Portman
Small Tony Scipelli
No_movie_poster Henry
Small Fletcher Marron
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No_movie_poster Alan Silvestri Original Music Composer
Small Kevin Costner Producer
No_movie_poster Richard A. Harris Editor
No_movie_poster Elisabeth Leustig Casting
No_movie_poster Jim Wilson Producer
No_movie_poster Jeffrey Beecroft Production Design
No_movie_poster Lisa Dean Set Decoration
No_movie_poster Mick Jackson Director
No_movie_poster Lawrence Kasdan Screenplay
No_movie_poster Allan Dennis Rich Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Andrew Dunn Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Donn Cambern Editor
No_movie_poster William Ladd Skinner Art Direction
No_movie_poster Susan Nininger Costume Design
No_movie_poster Helen Pollak Production Manager
No_movie_poster Lawrence Kasdan Production
No_movie_poster Richard A. Harris Editing
No_movie_poster Donn Cambern Editing


"Sexy singer uses protection."

"Never let her out of your sight. Never let your guard down. Never fall in love."


Rachel Marron (Whitney Houston) is an Oscar-nominated music superstar who is being stalked and sent death threats. Frank Farmer (Kevin Costner) is a former Secret Service Special Agent who served as part of the presidential protection detail during the presidencies of Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. Frank is haunted by the fact that he was not there when Reagan was shot because he was off duty at the time. He is now a highly successful private and professional bodyguard who protects corporate VIPs. He is hired by Rachel's manager, Bill Devaney (Bill Cobbs), to protect her after she receives a number of threats against her life and a small bomb detonates in her dressing room.

The film follows Rachel's singing career and family life. Frank is unsure about accepting the job because he sees Rachel as a spoiled diva who is oblivious to the threats against her life. Rachel's handlers had kept the bomb in the dressing room secret from her. At first, Rachel looks upon Frank as paranoid and his protection techniques intrusive. Rachel's existing bodyguard Tony (Mike Starr) resents Frank's presence. But at a concert where Rachel is performing there is a riot and Frank successfully protects her from danger; as a result of his protection, Rachel falls in love with Frank. He initially tries to keep the relationship professional, but the two sleep together. However, recognizing that their relationship may compromise his protection of her, Frank breaks off their affair. Hurt, Rachel begins to push Frank's buttons by violating their security routines and attempting to sleep with his former Secret Service co-worker, Greg Portman (Tomas Arana). After she has personal contact with her stalker via a creepy phone call, Rachel realizes that she must put her trust in Frank ahead of her own desire for success. She finally recognizes the seriousness of the situation and cancels the rest of her tour.

Frank, Rachel, Rachel's driver Henry (Christopher Birt), Rachel's son Fletcher (DeVaughn Nixon), and her sister Nicki (Michele Lamar Richards) then travel to Frank's father's home, which is a large log cabin in the mountains by a lake. Frank's dad, Herb Farmer (Ralph Waite) is a semi-retired attorney who welcomes the group to his home. At the mountain retreat, Nicki attempts to seduce Frank, and becomes angry when her advances are refused. Fletcher is almost killed the next day, when a bomb explodes inside the boat he had been riding in moments before. After finding footprints around the cabin, and finding the automobiles sabotaged, they realize Rachel's stalker has followed them.

They lock down the house for the night, with plans to leave in the morning. It is then revealed that Rachel's obsessive stalker and the person trying to kill her are not the same person, when an upset and drunken Nicki admits that in a drug-induced jealous fit she hired a hitman to kill Rachel, but that the letters from the stalker came before that. After Fletcher was almost killed, Nicki realized the hitman she hired would kill anyone to get to his target, including her beloved nephew. However, she cannot call it off because she does not know the killer's identity.

The hitman breaks into the house, Nicki tries to stop him, and he shoots and kills her before escaping. Frank, who is armed with a semi-automatic handgun, ensures that his father has secured the rest of the group on the second floor, then pursues the killer into the woods. Frank shoots at the hitman, but the hitman escapes through the dark woods. Frank learns the next day, from his Secret Service colleagues, that they have apprehended the stalker and were interviewing him when Nicki was shot.

Frank heads with Rachel to the Oscars. During the actual show, Rachel freezes and runs offstage, angry at Frank for embarrassing her. She goes back to the audience to be there when they announce her name as the winner for Best Actress. As she comes toward the stage to accept the award, the hitman is revealed to be Portman. Frank notices Portman pointing a gun at her disguised as a camera, and tries to get a shot at him, but is unable to. As Portman aims his gun at Rachel, Frank runs on stage and leaps in front of her as she accepts her award, getting shot himself in the process of shielding Rachel. He shoots Portman through his camera-gun, killing him. Rachel calls for help, urging Frank to stay with her.

Frank recovers and goes to say goodbye to Rachel at the airport. After the plane starts to taxi, Rachel gets down and runs to Frank, and they kiss. She gets back on the plane, and Frank leaves to head to his next job.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 1992-11-25 : United States of America

DVD : 2006-04-18

DVD : 2005-02-01