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The Breaking Point (1950)

aka The Breaking Point

"A guy who had nothing to sell but guts!"

Directed By: 
Details: 97 mins · English, Spanish


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Small Harry Morgan
Small Leona Charles
Small Lucy Morgan
Small Wesley Park
Small F.R. Duncan
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No_movie_poster Hannagan
No_movie_poster Danny
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No_movie_poster Ted D. McCord Director of Photography
Small Michael Curtiz Director
No_movie_poster Alan Crosland Jr. Editor
No_movie_poster Jerry Wald Producer
No_movie_poster Ranald MacDougall Writer
Small Ernest Hemingway Novel
Small Ernest Hemingway Story Contributor


"A guy who had nothing to sell but guts!"

"There's nothing more deadly than a gentle man pushed too far!"


Garfield plays Harry Morgan, a penniless fishing hire proprietor whose business is on the skids and whose family is feeling the economic pinch. He begins to work with a shady lawyer, Duncan (Wallace Ford), who persuades him to run illegal immigrants into California. Harry also begins a flirtation with Leona Charles (Patricia Neal). When his plan with Duncan goes wrong, Harry comes even more under the influence of the lawyer, who blackmails him into helping the escape of a gang of crooks, who pull a racetrack heist, by using his fishing boat to get away from authorities. Harry convinces himself that his illegal activities will financially help his family. His wife, Lucy (Phyllis Thaxter), suspects Harry is breaking the law and urges him to stop for the sake of the family. Harry refuses and walks out. As Harry waits for Duncan and the crooks on his boat, Harry's partner, Wesley Park (Juano Hernandez), arrives. Not wanting Wesley around when the crooks arrive, Harry tries to send him on an errand. The crooks arrive before Wesley leaves, and kill him. Harry is horrified, but is forced at gunpoint to transport the crooks out to open sea without drawing the attention of the Coast Guard. Harry also learns that Duncan was killed during the escape from the heist. Wesley's body is dumped overboard along with Harry's only firearm. Harry uses a ploy to access a gun and kills all the crooks in a dramatic shoot out. Harry, however, is critically wounded. Authorities find his boat the next day and tow it to port. Lucy rushes to Harry's side and tries to convince Harry to allow his arm to be amputated to save his life. Harry reaffirms his love for Lucy and is taken to the hospital. In the final scene, Wesley's son, who was briefly introduced earlier in the film, stands alone on the dock looking around for his father.

In the novel Morgan lives with a prostitute and is killed in the end.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 1952-07-24 : Portugal

Theatrical : 1952-06-06 : Australia

Theatrical : 1951-05-31 : Denmark

Theatrical : 1950-09-30 : United States of America

Theatrical : 1950-10-06 : United States of America

Theatrical : 1951-06-15 : France

Theatrical : 1951-09-07 : Japan

Theatrical : 1951-12-14 : Austria

Theatrical : 1952-08-26 : Philippines

Theatrical : 1951-03-28 : Sweden

Theatrical : 1951-11-02 : West Germany

Theatrical : 1951-05-25 : Finland

2012-06-23 : United States of America