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The Busy Body (1967)

aka The Busy Body

Directed By: 
Details: 101 mins · English


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Small George Norton
Small Charley Barker
No_movie_poster Ma Norton
No_movie_poster Bit Cop
Small Margo Foster Kane
No_movie_poster Murray Foster
Small Whittaker
Small Fred Harwell
No_movie_poster Felix Rose
Small Kurt Brock
No_movie_poster Archie Brody
No_movie_poster Mike
No_movie_poster Willie
No_movie_poster Board Member
No_movie_poster Board Member
No_movie_poster Bobbi Brody


Small William Castle Director
Small Donald E. Westlake Novel
No_movie_poster Vic Mizzy Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Ben Starr Screenplay
Small William Castle Production
Small Donald E. Westlake Story Contributor


George Norton is a low-level bumbler who works for Chicago crime boss Charley Barker. A well-dressed mama's boy, George is in good standing with Barker, even gaining a promotion, until an incident that costs the mob a million dollars.

George is indirectly responsible when Archie, a mob courier, is killed at a barbecue. After the funeral, Barker instructs George to dig up Archie's body because $500,000 was stuffed inside the lining of each side of a blue suit that an unwitting George personally chose for the burial.

George opens the casket to find it empty, then later occupied by a different corpse. He sets out to retrieve the body and the money before Barker gets angry enough to arrange a funeral for HIM.