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The Chase (1946)

aka The Chase

Directed By: 
Details: 86 mins · English, Spanish


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Small Chuck Scott
Small Lorna Roman (as Michele Morgan)
Small Eddie Roman
Small Emmerrich Johnson
Small Cmdr. Davidson
No_movie_poster Fats
No_movie_poster Lt. Acosta (as Alexis Minotis)
No_movie_poster Madame Chin (as Nina Koschetz)
No_movie_poster Midnight
No_movie_poster Job the Butler
No_movie_poster The Killer
No_movie_poster Manicurist
Small Gino


No_movie_poster Franz Planer Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Cornell Woolrich Novel
No_movie_poster Seymour Nebenzal Producer
No_movie_poster Arthur Ripley Director
No_movie_poster Philip Yordan Screenplay
No_movie_poster Cornell Woolrich Story Contributor
No_movie_poster Edward Mann Editing


This dream-like film noir is about Chuck Scott (Robert Cummings), a World War II vet now a penniless drifter tormented by bizarre dreams, who takes a job as driver to Eddie Roman (Steve Cochran), a vicious gangster. Roman tests his new driver, Scott, by assuming control of his car from the back seat. Unbeknownst to Scott, Roman has an accelerator installed in the rear passenger compartment so that he can "take over" the vehicle whenever he wants. This bizarre trick not only unnerves his new driver but also Roman's right-hand man, Gino (Peter Lorre).

Scott passes the test and gets the job. But things get tough for Scott when he falls in love with the gangster's wife, Lorna (Michele Morgan), who has attempted to kill herself because life has become unbearable with her sadistic husband. The two run off together to Cuba and a bizarre chase begins wherein Scott is framed for a murder and must therefore avoid both Roman and the police.

Finally, at a point when Scott is able to clear his name, he is thrown back into the nightmare in a surprising twist.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 1946-11-16 : United States of America

Theatrical : 1947-03-10 : United Kingdom

Theatrical : 1947-08-04 : Sweden

Theatrical : 1947-10-25 : France

Theatrical : 1947-11-13 : Australia

Theatrical : 1948-06-07 : Denmark

Theatrical : 1950-01-25 : Portugal

Theatrical : 1950-03-17 : Finland

2012-06-03 : United States of America