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The Christmas Chronicles (2018)


Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 104 mins


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Really sweet movie! I'm usually quite difficult to satisfy when it comes to Christmas movies, but this one managed to get the atmosphere just right. Also, I really appreciated that it wasn't a rom-com!! I loved that the focus was on siblings instead. No romance in sight, which was a refreshing change. Awesome movie, that I'm likely to rewatch, if it's still on Netflix next Christmas.

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Small Santa Claus
Small Claire
Small Teddy
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No_movie_poster Kate


No_movie_poster Clay Kaytis Director
No_movie_poster Matt Lieberman Writer (screenplay)
No_movie_poster David Guggenheim Writer


A brother and sister attempt to catch Santa on tape, and instead causes him to crash his sleigh and lose his magic hat. How will the presents be handed out on time?