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The Crow (1994)

aka The Crow

"Real love is forever."

Directed By: 
Details: 102 mins · English · R (USA)


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Small Sergeant Albrecht
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No_movie_poster T-Bird
No_movie_poster Shank
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No_movie_poster Dariusz Wolski Director of Photography
Small Trent Reznor Music
No_movie_poster Graeme Revell Music
No_movie_poster John Shirley Screenplay
No_movie_poster Dov Hoenig Editor
Small Alex Proyas Producer
No_movie_poster M. Scott Smith Editor
No_movie_poster Edward R. Pressman Producer
No_movie_poster James O'Barr Novel
No_movie_poster David J. Schow Screenplay
No_movie_poster Sherman L. Baldwin Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Jeff Most Producer
No_movie_poster Robert L. Rosen Executive Producer
Small Alex Proyas Director
No_movie_poster James O'Barr Story Contributor


"Real love is forever."


On October 30, during the annual Devil's Night crime spree in Detroit, Sergeant Albrecht (Ernie Hudson) is at the scene of a crime, where Shelly Webster (Sofia Shinas) has been beaten and violated, and her fiancé, guitarist Eric Draven (Brandon Lee), has been stabbed, shot, and thrown out of the window. The couple were to be married the next day, on Halloween. As he leaves for the hospital with Shelly, Albrecht meets a young girl, Sarah (Rochelle Davis), whom Shelly and Eric took care of because her mother Darla (Anna Levine) is a negligent drug addict. Shelly pleads to Albrecht to tell Eric to take care of Sarah, Albrecht tells her everything will be okay and tells Sarah that Shelly will be fine, but Sarah knows the truth: Shelly is going to die.

A year passes since the tragic events, Sarah visits Eric and Shelly's graves and leaves flowers. As she leaves the cemetery, a crow swoops down and lands on Eric's headstone and taps it as if to waken Eric. Later that night, Eric awakens from death and climbs frantically out of his grave, trembling and wracked with convulsions. Eric follows the crow through the streets of Detroit and finds some boots in a dumpster for him to wear. Eric is led to his to his old apartment and finds it derelict. He is met by his cat Gabriel who is still alive and remembers his old master. He goes into flashbacks of his death, remembering that he and Shelly were murdered by local thugs T-Bird (David Patrick Kelly), Tin-Tin (Laurence Mason), Funboy (Michael Massee), and Skank (Angel David). Eric swings out the window he was thrown out of, piercing his hands on shards of glass. He sees his wounds regenerate and close, discovering that any wounds he suffers heal immediately, and that he, being dead, is now immune to physical harm. He then replaces his burial clothes with dark, imposing attire, and paints his face in a parody of a porcelain harlequin mask, decorating his lips and eyes with black, scar-like slashes. Guided by the crow, he sets out to avenge his and Shelly's deaths.

The crow helps Eric locate Tin-Tin as he leaves Gideons Pawn shop. Eric finds out that he can see what the crow sees telepathically. They engage in a one-on-one alley fight, to the point that Eric tires Tin-Tin to tell him what he did to them a year ago prior. After telling Eric what he did, Tin-Tin then throws knives at Eric to which he dodges. He catches one in mid air and launches it back at Tin-Tin, impaling him while commenting "Victims! Aren't we all?" He then kills Tin-Tin with all of his other knives. Eric takes Tin-Tin's coat, leaving a large crow-shaped bloodstain on the wall of the alley as his Calling Card. He then goes to Gideon's pawn shop where Tin-Tin pawned Shelly's engagement ring the year before. Eric forces his way into the shop saying a verse from Edgar Alan Poe's "The Raven", and asks to see an engagement ring gold in color. The owner, Gideon (Jon Polito), shoots Eric in the chest with his revolver and is shocked and frightened when the wound heals. Eric then forces to return the ring and interrogates him to locate the place of Tin-Tin's associates. Gideon tells him that they hang out at a bar called The Pit and that Funboy lives upstairs. Eric gets a flashback to what Funboy did to Shelly. He starts throwing rings at Gideon tell him that each one is a life that helped destroy. Gideon pleads for his life, to which Eric lets him live to tell the rest of them that death is coming for them. After he leaves, he blows up the shop with a pistol grip shotgun with Gideon managing to leave at the last second.

Eric meets Sgt. Albrecht at the scene of the explosion. Eric calls out his name which surprises Albrecht, who doesn't remember who he is. Eric asks if he knows Shelly Webster. Albrecht answers that she is dead and for him to sit at the curb nervously, hesitant in arresting him. He turns away distracted by looters and Eric vanishes.

Sarah, still frustrated at her mother Darla for neglecting her, leaves The Pit on her skateboard and is nearly hit by a passing taxi when she is saved by Eric. He gets a flashback of who she is and looks away. Sarah, somewhat thankful for his actions, comments on how it would stop raining just for a day. Eric comments "It cant rain all the time" and disappears; Sarah recognizes the phrases and who said it and is left alone as she looks around.

Eric finds Funboy getting high on morphine in an apartment with Darla. The crow flies in and gives Eric a better view. Eric climbs in and surprises Funboy. Funboy tells him to leave with his bird at gunpoint. Eric places his hand on the barrel to which Funboy shoots him in the hand and watches in shock as the wound closes up before his eyes. Eric then disarms him and shoots him in the thigh. Eric then places Funboy in the tub in a cold shower to wake him all the while he is shown the actions of that night of what Funboy did to Shelly. He then confronts a hysterical Darla, grabbing her arm and showing her the reflection of her track marks in the mirror as the morphine pushes its way back out of her arm. Eric tells her in a spirtual way to quit drugs in order to be a good mother to Sarah and to go to her. Seeing Darla fleeing the bar, Grange (Tony Todd) goes upstairs to investigate, finding Funboy lying on the floor and dying from multiple syringes stabbed into his chest. Grange then sees Eric go out the window, disappearing into the night.

Eric later visits Albrecht at his apartment. Eric asks about what had had happened to them. Albrecht tells him that he fell out a 6th story window and that Shelly was brutally beatened and raped. He stood by her side and watched as Shelly suffered for 30 hours before dying, and that he was demoted for asking too many questions about the crime. Eric touches Albrecht's face, and all the pain and memories of Shelly's death are transferred to Eric. Albrecht explains that he was there hoping she would come out of her coma to get more information for a conviction for the suspects that did this to her. He gives his condolences to Eric for what had happened to him and his fiance as Eric walks out the front door.

Meanwhile, Gideon goes to meet with Top Dollar (Michael Wincott), the local crime boss and T-Bird's superior and explains to him how his shop burned down and what happened to him. Top Dollar doesn't believe a word that is being told and thinks Gideon is making it all up, so he kills him by stabbing him in the throat with a rapier and shoots him with Grange's gun.

As T-Bird and Skank stop at a convenience store to get some supplies, Eric arrives and kidnaps T-Bird, ensuing a high speed pursuit with police through the streets of Detroit. Skank follows the pair in a (Yugo) he carjacked and gets injured as he gets hit by the police vehicles. Eric drives T-Bird to the docks and duct tapes him to his driver's seat and informs him what he did. T-Bird then remembers who he is, telling him that it's impossible that he is there because he's dead. Frightened by what's going to happen, T-Bird tries to repent but it's too late. His foot is rigged to the accelerator and the gear is set on drive. Skank sees T-bird and his car as it explodes in mid-air after it flies off the pier, killing T-Bird. Eric leaves a fiery symbol in the shape of a crow burning at the scene.

The next morning, Sarah and her mother begin to repair their relationship. Later that day, Eric begins to burn all memories of their passed lives by burning all photo's of him and Shelly. Sarah goes to Eric and Shelly's old apartment and tells him that she misses him and Shelly. Eric explains that, although he cannot be friends with her anymore for he is now dead, he still cares for her and has her take care of their cat Gabriel. Meanwhile, Top Dollar and his lover/half-sister Myca (Bai Ling) have become aware of Eric's actions through various reports from witnesses, including Skank. He holds a meeting with his associates where they discuss new plans for their annual Devil's Night crime spree. Eric arrives at the meeting, looking for Skank. Top Dollar orders his men to shoot Eric, and a massive gunfight ensues. Top Dollar escapes with Myca and Grange, while Eric systematically kills everyone in the room, throwing the last, Skank, out of a window to his death. As the police arrive due to the commotion, Eric escapes with help from Albrecht and soon leaves his car to head to the cemetery.

Now having finished his quest, Eric returns to his grave where he sees Sarah. She says goodbye to him and he gives her Shelly's engagement ring. She is then abducted by Grange, who takes her into a nearby church where Top Dollar and Myca are waiting. Through the crow, Eric realizes what has happened and goes to the church to rescue her. Grange shoots the crow as it flies into the church, causing Eric to lose his immortality. Just after Top Dollar shoots and wounds Eric, Albrecht arrives, intending to pay his respects to Eric, and a shootout ensues in which Grange is killed. Myca then grabs the wounded crow, intending to take its mystical power. Top Dollar ties Sarah up and climbs the bell tower with Myca. Albrecht and Eric approach the stairs, and Myca fires down at them, wounding Albrecht.

When Albrecht is wounded, Eric climbs to the roof of the church on his own. On the way up, he encounters Myca, who tells him that all of the power that he ever had will soon be hers. However, just before she is about to shoot Eric, the crow escapes Myca's grip and pecks out her eyes, causing her to fall down the bell tower to her death. Eric reaches the roof of the church and fights Top Dollar; due to his weakened condition, Eric is defeated by his foe. While Eric is down, Top Dollar admits ultimate responsibility for what happened to Eric and Shelly. He is about to deal a fatal blow to Eric, but Eric lunges forward and gives him the 30 hours of pain that Shelly suffered all at once— which he absorbed from Albrecht — by squeezing his eyes in with his thumbs; the sensation overwhelms Top Dollar and sends him flying off the roof of the church to be fatally impaled on the horns of a gargoyle. Eric saves Sarah and goes to check on Albrecht. Eric tells Sarah to stay with Albrecht until help arrives. Eric makes his way to Shelly's grave (which is next to his); there, he is approached by Shelly's spirit to reunite once again in death and now both will be able to rest in peace.

Sarah pays a final visit to the cemetery, and sees that both Eric and Shelly's graves now lie undisturbed. The crow, perched on Eric's headstone, gives her Shelly's engagement ring, dropping it in her open hand before soaring over the city and into the night.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 1994-05-11 : United States of America

DVD : 1998-01-01