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The Dark Half (1993)

aka The Dark Half

"There are very good reasons to be afraid of the dark."

Directed By: 
Details: 122 mins · English · R (USA)


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Small Thad Beaumont/George Stark
Small Liz Beaumont
Small Sheriff Alan Pangborn
Small Reggie Delesseps
No_movie_poster Miriam Cowley
No_movie_poster Rick Cowley
Small Digger Holt
No_movie_poster Trooper #1


No_movie_poster Christine Forrest Production
No_movie_poster Christopher Young Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Declan Baldwin Producer
Small George A. Romero Director
Small George A. Romero Production
Small George A. Romero Writer
No_movie_poster Pasquale Buba Editor
Small Stephen King Author
Small Stephen King Story Contributor
No_movie_poster Tony Pierce-Roberts Director of Photography


"There are very good reasons to be afraid of the dark."

"Serious writer or serial killer? George is in two minds."


The film revolves around the attempts of writer Thad Beaumont to kill off his pseudonym, George Stark. His pseudonym has become a physical entity and is terrorizing Beaumont's family and friends. He kills local photographer Homer Gamache and steals his truck. He also kills Thad's editor, agent, and his agent's ex-wife. He also kills a man named Fred Clawson, who was trying to blackmail Thad for being a con artist that shouldn't have written books under a false name. State Police find Homer's truck with Thad's fingerprints all over it. For some reason, Stark wants to live after he appeared in a set of Beaumont's best selling books. Beaumont writes, but he is not alone in suspecting something strange: Sheriff Alan Pangborn of Castle Rock, Maine is equally suspicious and is asked to investigate the situation. Thad begins to realize that Stark is , in fact, his twin brother who died at "child birth". His mother never told him, until a local doctor tells him that Stark is a fraternal twin that was living inside Thad's brain. Stark arrives, kills the doctor, and blames Thad for the crime. A local friend realizes that Stark is an entity controlled by the books that Thad wrote, and that he will do anything he can to stop him. Stark kidnaps Liz and his children, and makes a deal with Thad: Finishing a book that has Stark living in the real world, or he will kill his family. While writing the book, Thad notices Stark is healing himself with his own writings. Thad and Stark get into a fight, which ends with Thad stabbing Stark in the neck with a pencil. Thinking that it's over, Stark decides to kill Thad instead. Sheriff Pangborn arrives and unties Liz, who says that Thad and Stark are upstairs. However, a huge flock of sparrows comes and tears Stark apart, and take him back to hell where he belongs. The sparrows are agents of Satan that come and collect evil souls that weren't allowed to live.

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