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The Dead Don't Die (1975)

The Dead Don't Die (1975)

aka The Dead Don't Die

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 74 mins · English


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Small Don Drake
Small Jim Moss / Varrick
Small Levenia
Small Vera LaValle
Small Lieutenant Reardon
No_movie_poster Frankie Specht
No_movie_poster Perdido
No_movie_poster Ralph Drake
No_movie_poster Miss Adrian
No_movie_poster Frazier
No_movie_poster Priest
No_movie_poster Prison Chaplain
No_movie_poster Prison Guard


Small Robert Bloch Screenplay
Small Curtis Harrington Director
No_movie_poster Douglas S. Cramer Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Henry Colman Producer


As the film begins, it is 1934, and Hamilton as the civilian-turned-detective is called back to Chicago only to discover that his brother is on death row for murdering his wife. Unable to save him from the electric chair, Hamilton is nonetheless convinced of his brother’s innocence and is determined to clear his name. His searches lead him to the Loveland Ballroom, where his brother was involved in a dance marathon (reminiscent of They Shoot Horses, Don’t They) run by Milland, and where the murder allegedly happened. Soon, the pursuit turns supernatural, as Hamilton begins seeing his dead brother walking the foggy streets and a man (Nalder) Hamilton killed climbs out of a coffin and attacks him. Police Officer Meeker, of course, doesn’t believe Hamilton’s story, and when the two of them show up at Blondell’s antique store, Nalder is alive and well. At the center of all this weird activity is a man named Varrick whom no one has ever seen…The film depicts people being brought back to life, not realizing that they are dead, but forced to do the bidding of a man who resurrects them as zombies using magic he learned in Haiti.

Bloch's opinion of the movie is given in his autobiography, Once Around the Bloch: ""The Dead Don't Die". Maybe they don't, but the show did. Despite Curtis's casting of accomplished character actors, their supporting roles couldn't prop up the lead. And Ray Milland, who had given such a deftly paced performance in my script for Home Away from Home, merely plodded through his part here like a zombie without a deadline."