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The Defector (1966)

aka The Defector

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 106 mins · English


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Small Prof. James Bower
Small Frieda
No_movie_poster Ingrid
Small Peter Heinzmann
Small Agent Adam
No_movie_poster Orlovsky
No_movie_poster Dr. Saltzer
No_movie_poster Major
No_movie_poster Mädchen unter der Dusche


No_movie_poster Raoul Coutard Director of Photography
Small Serge Gainsbourg Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Raoul Lévy Director
No_movie_poster Paul Thomas Novel


Professor Bower, an American physicist, is effectively blackmailed by a shady CIA agent named Adams to help the CIA obtain secret microfilm from a defecting Russian scientist. The reluctant Bower travels to East Germany undercover as an antiques collector where he encounters Heinzmann, an East German fellow physicist, who is also a secret agent. Heinzmann is aware of Bower's meeting with Adams and his intention to steal the microfilm, however their mutual respect for one another's tactics complicate the proceedings.