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The Fantasticks (1995)

aka The Fantasticks

"Try to remember the first time magic happened"

Directed By: 
Written By:  Writer details not available
Details: 86 mins · English · PG (USA)


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No_movie_poster Amos Bellamy
No_movie_poster Ben Hucklebee
Small Matt Hucklebee
Small Louisa Bellamy
Small Mortimer
Small Amos Babcock Bellamy
Small Henry Albertson
No_movie_poster El Gallo


No_movie_poster Michael Ritchie Director
Small Francis Ford Coppola Editing
No_movie_poster William S. Scharf Editing


"Try to remember the first time magic happened"


Amos Babcock Bellamy (Joel Grey) and Ben Hucklebee (Brad Sullivan) scheme to get their respective children, Luisa (Jean Louisa Kelly) and Matt (Joey McIntyre), to fall in love. Knowing they will resist their fathers' interference, the two men use reverse psychology and fabricate a feud, building a wall between their houses and forbidding their children to speak to each other. When their plan works, they enlist the aid of El Gallo (Jonathon Morris), the proprietor of a traveling carnival, to put an end to their supposed disagreement in a manner which will not reveal their deception.

El Gallo pretends to kidnap Luisa with the help of his troupe, which includes elderly Shakespearean actor Henry Albertson (Barnard Hughes) and his mute sidekick Mortimer (Teller), and arranges for Matt to rescue her. The couple settles into what they anticipate will be domestic bliss, but through the eyes of El Gallo and company they see the harsh realities of the world, and their innocent romanticism is replaced by a more mature understanding of love.