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The Fear Chamber (1968)

aka The Snake People

"In the name of science he created ... The Torture Zone"

Directed By:  ,
Written By: 
Details: 88 mins · English, Spanish


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Small Dr. Karl Mantell
No_movie_poster Corinne Mantell
No_movie_poster Mark
No_movie_poster Helga
No_movie_poster Roland


No_movie_poster Jack Hill Director
No_movie_poster Juan Ibáñez Director
No_movie_poster Jack Hill Writer


"In the name of science he created ... The Torture Zone"


Scientists discover a living rock beneath a volcano. It feeds on the adrenaline of frightened young women so the scientists construct a fear chamber and 'kidnap' young girls to submit to it in order to feed the creature...

Release Dates:

Theatrical : Mexico

Theatrical : 1974-06-17 : Spain

Television : 1991-07-23 : Germany