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The Godfather Part II (1974)

aka The Godfather Part II

"I don't feel I have to wipe everybody out, Tom. Just my enemies."

Directed By: 
Details: 200 mins · English, Español, Italiano, Latin, Czech · R (USA)


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420 chars remaining..!!

two thumbs up

Coppola, at the top of his game, I rank it with "Apocolypse Now"

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Small Don Michael Corleone
Small Tom Hagen
Small Kay Adams-Corleone
Small Vito Corleone
Small Fredo Corleone
Small Connie Corleone
Small Hyman Roth
Small Frankie Pentangeli
Small Senator Pat Geary
Small Al Neri
No_movie_poster die Mutter des jungen Vito
No_movie_poster junger Vito Andolini
No_movie_poster Don Fanucci
No_movie_poster Don Francesco Ciccio
Small Young Clemenza (as B. Kirby Jr.)
Small Genco
No_movie_poster Mama Corleone
No_movie_poster Deanna Corleone (as Mariana Hill)
No_movie_poster Signor Roberto
Small Johnny Ola
Small Mrs. Marcia Roth
Small F.B.I. Man #1
Small Tony Rosato
Small Senator #2
No_movie_poster Senate Committee Chairman
Small Sonny Corleone
Small Willie Cicci
No_movie_poster Questadt
Small Sonny Corleone as a Boy
Small Child on ship
No_movie_poster Senator #3


No_movie_poster Jane Feinberg Casting
No_movie_poster Mike Fenton Casting
Small Francis Ford Coppola Director
No_movie_poster Gray Frederickson Producer
No_movie_poster Fred Roos Producer
Small Carmine Coppola Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Dean Tavoularis Production Design
No_movie_poster Barry Malkin Editor
Small Mario Puzo Novel
No_movie_poster Gordon Willis Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Nino Rota Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Peter Zinner Editor
No_movie_poster Howard Beals Sound Effects Editor
No_movie_poster Mona Skager Producer
No_movie_poster Richard Marks Editor
No_movie_poster Vic Ramos Casting
No_movie_poster Mark Berger Sound Montage Associate
No_movie_poster Nathan Boxer Production Sound Mixer
No_movie_poster George Brand Music Editor
Small Francis Ford Coppola Production
Small Francis Ford Coppola Writer
Small Mario Puzo Story Contributor
No_movie_poster Richard Marks Editing
No_movie_poster Peter Zinner Editing
No_movie_poster Barry Malkin Editing


"I don't feel I have to wipe everybody out, Tom. Just my enemies."


In 1901 Corleone, Sicily, nine-year-old Vito Andolini’s family is killed after his father insults local Mafia chieftain Don Ciccio. He escapes to New York and is registered as "Vito Corleone" on Ellis Island.

On the occasion of the 1958 first communion party for his son, Michael Corleone has a series of meetings in his role as the Don of his crime family. With Nevada Senator Pat Geary, he discusses the terms of a fourth state gaming license for the Corleones, but the two only trade insults and demand payoffs. Johnny Ola arrives to express support for Michael on behalf of Florida gangster Hyman Roth. At the same time as the Don tries to manage his depressed sister Connie and older brother Fredo, Corleone caporegime Frank Pentangeli is upset that his boss will not help him defend New York against the Rosato brothers, who work for the Jewish Roth. That night, Michael survives an assassination attempt at his home and puts consigliere Tom Hagen in charge, reassuring him of their fraternal bond.

In 1917, Vito Corleone (Robert De Niro) lives in a tenement with his wife Carmela and son Sonny, and works in a New York grocery store owned by the father of a close friend. A member of the Black Hand, Don Fanucci, who extorts protection payments from local businesses, forces the store owner to fire Vito and give his job to Fanucci's nephew. As a favor to his neighbor, Peter Clemenza, Vito hides a stash of guns; in return, he is invited to the burglary of a rich apartment. His share of the loot is a plush rug, which he lays in his own living room.

In Miami, Michael tells Roth that Pentangeli was behind the assassination attempt; he then tells Pentangeli that Roth ordered it and asks him to cooperate. Pentangeli meets the Rosatos; their men ambush him, saying they act on Michael's orders, but a passing policeman interrupts them and they flee, leaving Pentangeli for dead.

Geary finds himself in Fredo's brothel with a dead prostitute and no memory of how he got there; he accepts Tom's offer of "friendship" to cover up the incident.

After witnessing a rebel suicide bombing in Havana, Cuba, Michael becomes convinced of the rebels' resolve to overthrow the dictator Fulgencio Batista. Fredo brings Michael the money for a deal with Roth, but instead of turning it over to Roth, Michael asks who put out the hit on Pentangeli. Roth is reminded of his late friend Moe Greene – dead in a spate of Corleone killing – saying, "This is the business we've chosen. I didn't ask who gave the order because it had nothing to do with business!" As they go to the President's New Year's Eve party, Michael tells Fredo that he knows Roth plans to kill him as he leaves the party and later Fredo reveals that he knew Johnny Ola, despite his previous denial. Michael's bodyguard strangles Ola but is killed by police before he can finish off the ailing Roth. Michael embraces his brother, revealing that he knows he was behind the plot on his life but the party breaks up as word spreads that the rebels are taking over, and Fredo flees in the chaos. Back home, Hagen informs Michael that Roth is recovering in Miami and that Kay's pregnancy has miscarried.

Three years later, two more sons—Fredo and then Michael—have been born to Vito. He and his partners (Clemenza and Sal Tessio) face extortion by Don Fanucci, who demands they let him "wet his beak" from their recent burglary or he will have the police ruin the Corleone family. Vito persuades his partners to pay Fanucci less than he asks and promises he will "make him an offer he can't refuse" as a favor to them. During a neighborhood festa, Vito meets with Fanucci and earns his respect. He then follows Fanucci, surprises him in his apartment foyer, shoots and kills him, takes back his partners' money and escapes.

In Washington, D.C., a Senate committee investigating the Corleone family cannot find evidence to implicate Michael until a surprise witness is called. Pentangeli, ensconced in FBI witness protection and ready to avenge the attempt on his life, is prepared to confirm accusations against Michael until his Sicilian brother attends the hearing at the Don's side; Pentangeli denies his sworn statements and the hearing dissolves in an uproar.

Vito has become a respected figure in his New York community. He confronts a landlord who doesn't know him, offering extra money to let a widow keep her apartment. The landlord says he has already leased it and becomes angry when Vito demands that he allow her to keep her dog. Later the landlord learns that he may have offended the wrong person. Terrified, he returns to assure Vito that the widow can stay, along with her dog, at a reduced rent.

Michael and Hagen observe that Roth's strategy to destroy Michael is well planned. Fredo has been found and persuaded to return to Nevada, and in a private meeting he explains his betrayal to Michael; he was upset about being passed over to head the family, and helped Roth, thinking there would be something in it for him. He swears he was unaware of their plan to kill Michael. He tells Michael that the Senate Committee's chief counsel is on Roth's payroll. Michael disowns Fredo and instructs Al Neri that "nothing is to happen to him while my mother's alive." Afterwards, Michael violently prevents Kay from leaving with their children; she retaliates with the revelation that her miscarriage was actually an abortion.

Vito, together with his young family, visits Sicily for the first time. He is introduced to the elderly Don Ciccio by Don Tommasino as the man who imports their olive oil to America, and who wants his blessing. When Ciccio asks Vito who his father was, Vito says, "My father's name was Antonio Andolini, and this is for you!" He then plunges a large knife into the old man's stomach and carves it open. As they flee, Tommasino is shot and injured.

Michael's mother dies. At the funeral, a reformed Connie implores Michael to forgive Fredo. Michael relents and embraces Fredo, but stares intently at Neri. Roth is refused asylum and even entry to Israel. Over Hagen's dissent, Michael plans his revenge. Hagen visits Pentangeli and offers to spare his family, reminding him that failed plotters against the Roman Emperor took their own lives.

Connie helps Kay visit her children, but Michael closes the door on any forgiveness.

As he arrives in Miami to be taken into custody, Hyman Roth is shot in the stomach and killed by Rocco Lampone, who is immediately shot dead by FBI agents. Frank Pentangeli is discovered dead in his bathtub with slit wrists. Neri shoots Fredo while they are fishing on Lake Tahoe.

On December 7, 1941, the Corleone family gathers to surprise Vito for his fiftieth birthday. Sonny introduces Carlo Rizzi to Connie. Tessio comes in with the cake, and they discuss the attack on Pearl Harbor. Michael announces he has left college to enlist in the Marines, leaving Sonny furious, Tom incredulous, and Fredo supportive. Vito is heard at the door and all but Michael leave the room to greet him.

Michael sits alone by the lake at the family compound.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 1974-12-20 : United States of America

DVD : 2005-05-24